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2016-05-31 09:56:01 -0500 answered a question placing a non-Sikh child in a Sikh home

uhmm.. in my point of view i agree with u.. i mean if they accept the child as their own then they should have all parental rights unless they mistreat or discriminate with that child.. nd since he is too young as u said (4 years old) so he can merge well with his new parents.. nd if they are growing their child's hair for patka.. that means they are giving the family values to THEIR child just as every parent from every religion do??!!! nd especially he is too young for religion partition.. he needs love of his parents more than his religion stamp!!

sorry if i was rude or offensive bt thts my point of view..

2016-05-30 03:49:46 -0500 answered a question Will god kill someone if I ask him too?

if it would hv worked like that... i'm sure world never had to face overpopulation problem.. :p

2016-05-24 12:08:46 -0500 answered a question meditation numbness prevention

but when we have to stand up for ardaas after paath.. it's hard to balance... i almost fall down bt got hold of nearby table..

any tip for tht sir? can we wait for a while like 2 minutes before doing ardaas?

2016-05-24 12:01:03 -0500 commented answer Sex before marriage, but still keep faith in waheguru.

agree wid u 110%

2016-05-24 11:58:19 -0500 commented answer negative energy

'' they will incur karmas'' i didnt understand tht.. cn u xplain it to me sir?

2016-05-24 11:29:16 -0500 answered a question What time for Dukhbhanjani Sahib ji?

i downloaded an app on my phone (dukhbanjani sahib paath) nd it gives m reminder at around 5 p.m in evening..

nd just like you i was also very confused regarding time of paaths nd effects bt concluded tht you can recite bani's pray to god at any time of the day..

hope this would work for u..

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thnq.. gn .

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2016-05-21 11:56:34 -0500 commented answer something from kirtan sohaila

sir, is ardas tht has to be done after kirtan sohella different from regular one?

2016-05-20 10:39:39 -0500 commented answer I need help

u mean the actual universal truth..,sir?

2016-05-20 10:36:41 -0500 commented answer hearing audio versions of japji sahib nd jaap sahib at any time of day?

thnk you sir

2016-05-20 04:57:23 -0500 asked a question hearing audio versions of japji sahib nd jaap sahib at any time of day?

can anyone give me a sure answer if we can listen the audio version of japji sahib nd jaap sahib at any time of day ..even sitting casually? during menstruation? in afternoon evening? anytime anywhere?

i hv got confusing statements earlier regarding this..

bt i really dnt wnt to disrespect waheguru ji...

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sir.. i wanted to knw if intuitions are always right?

2016-05-20 04:11:47 -0500 answered a question Relationship before Anand-Karaj

can anyone explain me what is ocd/pure-o..???' sry in advance if i asked wrong question.. i m new here

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2016-05-19 02:00:01 -0500 answered a question waheguru ji my parents make fun of me

thnq sir i hv started reciting japji sahib in morning bt i need deeper understanding of gurmukhi words.. though i dnt remember japji sahib by heart bt earlier wen i used to get upset thn automatically few of verses started running in my mind from japji sahib pauri's.. nd wen i searched there meaning thn they were actually related to my problems.. which i thought was a way by which waheguru ji is communicating wid me.. bt from last few days i feel like tht connection hv broken away.. m vry upset regarding this nd now i dnt feel like doing anything..

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2016-05-18 05:59:09 -0500 asked a question waheguru ji my parents make fun of me

hey there, i just logged in to this site as previously i hv found many answers to some of the common all of thm were about 4 to 5 year ago.. i wanted to share my problem mybe anybody cn help me. so basically i am a 18 yr old sikh girl.. i hv a strong faith in waheguru ji.. bt sometimes i feel as if i am useless nd a burden on my parents.. they make fun of my weakness nd laugh at me, scold me at every little thing nd even for mistakes tht actually i hv nt commited.. i hv scored 90% in 12th boards examination in medical recently bt they are still not satisfied.. they laugh at me if i cry for someone else's sorrows.. they say i'm nonsense.. i hv kind of nature tht if anyone cheats me or betrays me or say bad things to me thn i remain sileint.. i am reserved nature too.. nd my parents say i am looser.. my mom constantly speaks badly to me always scolding.. i try my best to make my parents feel proud of me bt no matter watever i do .. they r always disappointed.. i knw many of the readers might think tht i must hv been misunderstanding my parents bt guys its nt for just a month or 6 months.. all this is happening since my earlier childhood.. i pray to waheguru ji constantly.. i ask him to give me a sign tht atleast he loves me.. though i hv faith in him bt sometimes i get vry upset.. it is said tht parents always love thier children no matter wat the situation is.. bt in my case... i dnt think this theory exists.. they nvr understand me.. they just scold me.. for everything.. nd infront of other ppl they show tht they hv done so much for me.. i ask waheguru ji y this happens to me... hv i done anything wrong? am i not worthful to my parents? or am i not ur loved child baba ji? plz tell