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Can deep psychological blocks be cleared by doing Seva?

asked 2016-09-14 03:14:10 -0500

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Sat Nam, everbody

Watching the video on sikhnet two times and doing seva for someone I realized a deep and big danger by this video message :

Generally the message is a good inspiration « shut up you vcr » and doing seva. The first thing is a contradicion – in my point of view at least: “Seva also Sewa, short for the word Karseva refers to "selfless service", work or service performed without any thought of reward or personal benefit (from“ How can it then be selfless service, if I am focused on getting away from my dramas and traumas this way – because the intension IS personal benefit because I AM in pain. It would be different if I am far away from pain and doing seva absolutely naturally selfless. But in this case, I HAVE the intension to get away from something which goes wild within me up to insanity even maybe.

The other thing is, after many years of personal experiences, if one has just a “small” psychological problem, nothing which is not sure to find solution very soon, then it will work. Generally, dramas and traumas are based on deep unconscious psychosomatic blocks in the chakras and the aura (which are connected) which are caused by any circumstances happened in the pastlife (yes, I agree it is past. On the other hand: has human being ever managed to forget and forgive his past? No War, no violence, no starving countries etc?) which at that time haven’t found the resoluting way for the healing of feelings and emotions. So, these blocks have become chronic. The only way to resolute this chronic deep problem is by finding either the appropiate Kundalini Yoga Kriya- if one is even able to pracise it. Or any methods which are cleaning the emotional blocks of your chakras and so all the holes in the aura- the “dirty movement” from shakra to aura – aura to chakra keep dramas and traumas alive – conciously or unconsciously - someone will not find his/ her peace because it might be deeper than imagined . Well, the only way I know after decades is by homeopathic medicine therapy called PSE or psychosomatic Energetics ( I know that it is not your duty to tell people about homeopathic methods but, even if my words are not meant to be a way of justify dramas and trauma in the way your are showing it, I am feeling to tell you that in this case you should be very careful in what you are saying the world!!!

The quintessence of my words: I think it takes more than just to switch off the vcr and doing seva (I agree for practizing this anyway) because human kind is able to resolute his inner world ….to a certain distanced point! long human kind is conscious of what is going on. People want to be healed from the nucleus etc……then the real pain goes and dramas and trauma with it.

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answered 2016-09-14 15:51:31 -0500

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Great question, Yves. Thank you.

It’s not about getting away from anything. It’s simply about consciously deciding where you want to put your energy.

Take care of others and let God take care of you.

I do not mean to imply that we do not have psychosomatic issues from running old scripts from childhood that no longer serve us. That is true.

Seva is nothing but a conscious decision to serve God in every moment. Sometimes that service is to yourself. Well, you are God aren’t you? So when you serve instead of getting caught up your own issues, those issues do get healed. It is not by avoiding them, but rather by letting go of them because you understand that they no longer serve you.

Remember: How happy you are is inversely proportional to how much time you spend thinking about your predicament in life.

You ask, “has human being ever managed to forget and forgive his past?” The answer is yes! Absolutely.

Forgiveness is the key. As Yogi Bhajan said, in order to grow spiritually there are five things you must forgive:

  1. Forgive God that He separated you from Himself and created you as a creature

  2. Forgive your destiny that it is as it is, and that you have to achieve it

  3. Forgive the distance and the environments which are always challenging, and the cause and effect which are happening

  4. Forgive your capacity, your ability, your duality, and your divinity

  5. Forgive yourself that you have to go through it

The healing modality that is needed by any individual will appear to that individual if he or she is ready to be healed. It is not the modality (or even the practitioner) that matters. It is the absolute readiness to be healed.

The problem for many is that they have a fear of being healed because, caught up in their emotional body, their pain is serving an emotional need and they do not want to let it go.

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answered 2016-09-14 10:02:17 -0500

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Usually this is forum is more of Questions and answers, Q & A. There is another forum for discussions such as these over here:


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