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Being a good sikh

asked 2012-11-14 05:54:15 -0600

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To the sangat

If u usually look on the negative side of things, do you believe this is genetic? So certain people are more prone than others to think negatively/always imagine the worse ?

Also does having a strong meditative practice automatically eliminate negativity/bad thoughts? Or do you think that old habits die hard and ur destined to be like this for life. ?

Another thing that realli does my head in is if you really want to be humble, thing good of others and not be jelous then how do you do that? E.g you may b able to keep it up for a few days but then u revert bak to the old self. Its so anoying coz i always feel guilty after thinking bad about someone or thinking of myself as being higher than others and even though i want so much to not do it its like automatic so i cant help it alo of the time.

How do you wish the best for others if you dont like that person? And moreover how to wish the best for others when deep down you want to be the best yourself... Its very difficult

What are the sangats veechar on this?


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answered 2012-11-14 08:27:05 -0600

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The fact that you have realised that you want to change, this in itself is a big kirpa from Guru Sahib Ji. When ever we have a realisation to do something better or to change for the better it is always God's blessing on us. It's a sign that God wants to make you closer to Him by blessing us with His qualities.

I'm not sure if the negative thinking is genetic but personally I go through the same situation and it is all because of the absence of Sadhsangat and naam simran.

I have noticed that when we attend sadhsangat it brings positive thinking and when one does naam simran then their mind becomes pure.

Please don't feel you're the only one in this scenario as I'm also going through the same...

The actual reality is that we all have 5 evils within us (Kaam, Krodh, lobh, moh & ahankaar) and without Guru's sangat and Naam simran...these evils rule over us and make us do things which we regret later.

The only thing to focus on is to attend more sadhsangat and do more naam simran...

God bless you...and May Guru Sahib Ji does kirpa on all of us so we can be a better person...

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