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What can i do for a departed soul?

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Hello, i am writing this with extreme pain and sorrow, my little brother who was only 21 died in a terrible car accident in Oct,2016.I understand that it was god's hukum and soul has to leave after number of breath given is used. But i and my family completely shattered from inside, because of the attachment.He was really a kind soul, did a lot of sewa at gurudwara sahib , doing paath some of the time. I mean his overall personality was so charming and influencing. He was like the backbone of our house although he was small but was taking care of every matter. My dad is hiv positive, my older brother has a charge syndrome( less intellgence than normal , infertile, body balancing issues , hearing issues etc), i dont understand why this has to happen to us like my family never did anything bad to anyone. My dad is the most generous person i have ever seen although he does not do any paath but never hurted anyone and always did good deeds. My mom dedicated her entire life to her children because she conceived us with much difficulty. She raised us and took care of us like no one, never hurted anyone. So my brother was badly needed to support my brother and took care of many affairs which i cannot replace as i dont live back home. My question is why he had to die so young? why he was given so less number of breath, was it that he had really bad karma in the past that god gave him so little time ?? or is that my family did such bad karma in the past for which we have to suffer now and see our little baby going. i feel like we have done extreme paap in the past like i really cant see my mother, father , older brother state of mind. It is extremely unbearable.

It was not that we forgot waheguru ji earlier, but chanting him a lot more now is not making any difference to the pain in the heart. I understand its moh but still how a mother can see his child going unless you are really far away from those five evils. It doesn't seem possible to forget him. And i feel so bad that why he was given so little time on this earth , to understand life, to become closer to god and to do many other good things and i am really afraid thinking what must be happening to his soul at present, has he gone into reincarnation or what, something we will never know and is in god's hand.

I have learned to live in god's hukum now but i dont beleive that i will achieve that state of peace in my lifetime as we are so engrossed in moh mayea.My mother still wish and pray good for me and my older brother. I cant see her suffering. I am very ... (more)

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answered 2017-01-19 10:48:27 -0500

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Reading your question, I am feeling the deep pain in your heart. Please understand that there is no "good karma" and "bad karma." It is just the soul getting to pay its debts. Rather than question why, it is a matter of whet we can do now. Your brother set an example for you and taught by his actions. Since it's been three months since he left his physical body, whatever prayers and paath you have done for him has already done it's work. The best thing you can do for him now is to follow his example. Let your seva, your open heart, your courage and your strength be inspired by him and touch the lives of your family and others and serve to inspire them. That is what is needed now.

I send you much love and many blessings in the Name of the Guru, the Light of every Sikh, and the Holy Naam which holds the world.

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