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Why do most of Yogi Bhajan's kriyas say to look at the tip of your nose while your eyes are 9/10 closed?

asked 2014-10-13 18:46:59 -0600

Bhagat Singh gravatar image

Why do most of Yogi Bhajan's kriyas say to look at the tip of your nose while your eyes are 9/10 closed?

This opens your third eye! The eye of falseness!!!!!!

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answered 2014-11-06 20:19:45 -0600

manpreetsikhnet gravatar image

All I know Yogi Bhajan brought Sikhism to the west, might be a distorted version of sikhism, but he did what me and you could never have possibly done. Eventually his followers will and are realising difference between an empty ritual and meaningful karma leading towards self-realization. So worry not, just wait and watch. At least these kriyas are far better than baba culture being followed by back in Punjab currently.

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answered 2016-07-18 03:09:57 -0600

Jaspreet Singh Artist gravatar image

updated 2016-07-19 00:16:48 -0600

if we ask Guru Nanak dev ji then there is a simple way - Gaviye Suniye Mann rakhiye Bhao . thats what all Gursikh do in history and todays sikh stop doing .

Gaviye means singing or Naam Japna , Suniye means Listen to it , Focus on shabdh no need to focus on any nose or third eyes , put your focus in Shabadh . Mann rakheya bhav means love the Shabadh . Jin prem kio tinhi prabh paeo . Shabdh naal prem kro there is nothing physical practice in it .

Jog baneya tera kirtan gaweya - Kirtan shabadh Gurbani is everything in sikhi .

Jinni naam dheyaya gaye mushak ghal

Nanak k gar kewal naam - only Naam is in Nanak house . Sikhi ch naam to ilawa kuj ni parwan .

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answered 2016-07-18 13:11:46 -0600

Harijot Singh gravatar image

Search Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji for Ang 1106. You will find something that looks suspiciously like a yoga kriya given by Yogi Bhajan, as you call him. Yes, Guru ji says to inhale through one nostril, hold the breath and exhale through the other nostril as a way to focus the mind. Meditations to help focus the mind are sometimes helpful because if we just recite bani while the mind roams all over, we are not truly doing bani.

As far as focusing on the nose, apparently it is recorded in history that Guru Gobind Singh gave this instruction to his wife, Mata Jeeto ji. Using this method and dedicating herself to this practice she attained a great meditation and perceived the future. "Gur mantra dey mata ko, boley sahib nal piara. Drisht taravo nasika basai Amrit dhar." "Guru ji gave the mantra to Mata ji and he spoke to her with love, 'Put your focus on your nose, and amrit will rain down on you.' "

There is a version of this history in the Siri Guru Pad Prem Prakash by Baba Sumer Singh where it is also recorded that Guru ji instructed her to look at the nose.

This is a way of focusing the mind which will then be ready for a more powerful meditation. Focusing on anything can help tether the mind under control. Focusing on the nose is an excellent method because when you are looking at it, you know exactly when you are losing focus. Where if you focus on something while your eyes are closed it is easier to forget that the focus has been lost.

These are ancient practices, the likes of which were much more common in Sikh culture before the time of the British.

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