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Do we beleive numerology is true?

asked 2014-09-24 06:33:23 -0600

Bhagat Singh gravatar image

Do we beleive numerology is true? Yogi Bhajan has tantric numerology on the Kundalini yoga website...

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answered 2014-09-24 10:41:14 -0600

Guruka Singh gravatar image

updated 2014-09-24 10:42:29 -0600

Do YOU believe numerology is true? How can you generalize about everyone? All these various systems of insight into self and the moment (astrology, tarot, tea leaf reading, numerology, crystal ball scrying, palm reading, the I Ching, etc.) are just lenses through which a small bit of insight may be gained at a particular moment in one's life. The Guru warns against them not because they don't work to some degree, but because people get hung up in them and become slaves to them and then they miss the boat.

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