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Was Sri Chand a Udhasi or Yogi?

asked 2015-02-02 12:39:15 -0600

gursevak1 gravatar image

I ask to get some clarification for some Sikhs who are influenced by Sri Chand practices.

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answered 2015-02-02 17:25:20 -0600

Guruka Singh gravatar image

Jio: Not sure what you are looking for here....

  1. What are "Siri Chand Practices?"
  2. Why are Udasi and yogi exclusive terms?

You could start by contacting a modern day Udasi, Yogi Amandeep Singh.

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answered 2015-03-04 14:42:16 -0600

Bhagat Singh gravatar image

Udasis are yogis, it is the way of the Udasis. He is both Udasi and Yogi.

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