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I have really really problems!

asked 2014-03-12 11:37:31 -0500

anonymous user


First of all to say you, leaving your Guru is never a good deed or any option. Now I realize what have done just. I cannot stop thinking about it and i feel im drowning more and more every minute.. It's all due to my own mistakes and the harm that I may have caused to some people, nearly, I love and this is making it all more worse, then the worst.. I feel there's almost nothing left of me anymore, i cannot feel the strength and energy anymore that I used to have It's al to much as I feel I'm in a web I self created full of poison, and I cant refuse it as Im totally stuck in it my all good deeds wither away as my consciousness, everything is big chaos.. I want my Guru back,.. hmm I just don't know how! Please help me this is going on for a few years now and now I feel I'm stuck as I never asked for help to anyone, I did not knwo where to go, or I just wel like a real idiot, I have to do something about it because if not then.. I afraid of what is going to happen I dont want to lose my family and all and myself into this .. I've tried everything, I failed , I feel weak and exhausted and I don't know where to go..It's a bigg mess up that I have to clean here, and up in my head. I read alot but it's of no good to me as i still doubt, doubt doubt and then ofcourse i again fail than. What do I ave to do I'm so lost, and don't know what to do. I'm out of solutions.

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answered 2014-03-19 03:22:13 -0500

MaleSikh gravatar image

Sat Sri Akal. I have a post above where I shared my situation of things not going right for me.I can symphatise with you. All I can say to you is that if things are in your control, and if by swallowing your pride and ego can mend things, and dont make them worse, the answer is staring at your face. This may be a situation that you can control and help make better. There are many situation that we face in life that we have no control and cant alter--for example, death. Only when you face such situation would you realise that the other problem you face is actually very trivial. Take care and I hope it helps.

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answered 2014-03-24 13:57:23 -0500

Amretpal Gill gravatar image

updated 2014-05-09 08:48:43 -0500

Hello There we all have problems in life, life wouldn't be life if we didn't have problems, there has to be a reason. To get the spiritual aspect and heal back in to your own state of mind. It's all in mind and the way to erase those bad memories is be good due good things, and your going to see change. Pray every morning to god after shower and hope for a better day, not just for yourself but your family and others.

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answered 2014-05-11 11:29:05 -0500

Anandrupa gravatar image

Dear it happens with a lot us, till the time things go right we are fine off god and guru and when we fail in life or it goes out of hands we look upwards and seek for an imaginary person fixing it for us. that is the game we be playing and that is what made everything terrible for us. people not ready to accept the consequences of their own deeds or feeling responsible for their actions.

Well you haven't mentioned the nature of your problem so I would also write a generic solution. Do naam abhiyaas everyday it will shatter the negativity around you and fill your spirit with confidence then look up to the situation you have and feel you are absolutely responsible for how it is right now 100% no exceptions. you will see the right actions will naturally arouse out of you if you will not fool yourself with the blame game.

Dear feeling high and low is the rhythm of duality both has its own beauty, its own possibilities to it, do not be hopeless take guru's name and face it like a warrior.

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