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Dear it happens with a lot us, till the time things go right we are fine off god and guru and when we fail in life or it goes out of hands we look upwards and seek for an imaginary person fixing it for us. that is the game we be playing and that is what made everything terrible for us. people not ready to accept the consequences of their own deeds or feeling responsible for their actions.

Well you haven't mentioned the nature of your problem so I would also write a generic solution. Do naam abhiyaas everyday it will shatter the negativity around you and fill your spirit with confidence then look up to the situation you have and feel you are absolutely responsible for how it is right now 100% no exceptions. you will see the right actions will naturally arouse out of you if you will not fool yourself with the blame game.

Dear feeling high and low is the rhythm of duality both has its own beauty, its own possibilities to it, do not be hopeless take guru's name and face it like a warrior.