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how people treat me

asked 2013-12-08 14:22:12 -0600

thejaanpunjabi gravatar image

updated 2013-12-08 14:23:52 -0600

is it normal that you are always interested in your friends,like they send you photos or show you stuff i’m like omg soo cool, but if i show them something they’re like k whatever its ok, like they literally ignore it.

for example my friend got some presents for a holiday here, she send me photos and was really happy, after a few hours i also got something and took a photo to show it to her, it was so cute a little present from my parents, but she just said my friend gave me another cool present. she didnt react to my photo

maybe you think ok thats not a big deal, but it always happens to me with my friends, i want to share my life with them, but they are not even 1% interested. another example was i was outside with a friend and got a phone call from an office where i applied for a job. they said sorry we decided us for someone else. i hang up and said to my friend they didnt took me and said that i was really sad. but she just said im sorry and continued with her stories.

it hurts me so much, friends are there to share your emotions & then its hard to see that they dont care.

i dont even know what i really expect from you guys now, but i didnt know who to talk to & you are like my brothers and sisters, so i just wanted to share my feelings with you.

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

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answered 2013-12-15 09:46:44 -0600

EverWin gravatar image

while ago i remembered from my childhood, we sikh boys faced lot of problems, insults bad naming, santa-banta jokes. i remember other kids teasing me by pointing(haath me kadaa sar per dayie wadaa) it was after 1984 u know (around year 1989-90). and when i was young in college (sardar jokes on mobile sms). i used to feel same way. sometimes sad, sometimes angry little bit & sometimes i used to pity them. in fact it doesn't affected me alot, because i took Gurbani lesson from childhood & started meditation (Japji Sahebji). by the time passed i have started Nitneem (its not like its my duty as a Sikh but i Love Guru's Shabad). instead of my friends and others i have concentrate on my studies & work.

conclusion, I am the best IT engineer in my city, very well known Apple technician. Politicians (Mayor etc,.), Police officers (Commissionaire of Police etc,.), Doctors and industrial owners,. so many all seek my help in I.T products am very much respected, among all. in the same city where is was being insulted, by the grace of Guru now i am one of the most respected person in my city & its true story.
Its the Play of wondrous God.

This world is illusion (like a dream) all affairs does not last long. Friends are useless always (True Friendship means Leeching for own Greed). One universal God is the true giver (he does not ask anything in return). Start doing Nitneem, Sehej paath. Guru Granth Sahib is the true Master, brother, sister, mother, father, husband, friend & most importantly savior. by the grace of the Guru you will find true happiness.

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