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Marriage/Wedding Questionnaire

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This is rather strange, but I wanted to ask about opinions about a document I am currently compiling, that's basically a list of questions to ask a prospective marriage partner, that address foundations, core beliefs, etc. BEFORE personality. Is this going a bit too overboard? At first this came about for fun, but it's been an eye-opener when it comes to important things I've never considered before. I feel that young people are not necessarily keeping foundation in mind, and prefer to be floored by a personality, etc.

If it helps, what are some good things/questions/categories to ask a potential partner or someone you might be interested in?

I feel (like with a lot of things in life), that a person might pop out of nowhere very soon. I also intend to answer the same questions I've written every time it's given out.

Does this sound like a good idea?

Thank you and God bless you all with a lovely day!


Someone asked about questions, so here are a few samples. I do want to make a note that, when the time comes (a good amount of years down the road), that my parents and I have agreed to no arranged marriages but prefer a "collective marriage" that involves the decision of the couple as well as a mutual understanding between families (after all, the way one's family is no fault of the individual!) That being said, these questions can apply regardless of anyone's situation. I divided them up into general categories, just for organization. I hope that some of you may find these useful. These are general, and can be applied to any faith, Sikh or not.

General-Up-Fronters (these will most likely repeat in the complete questionnaire). 1. Have you dated before? 2. What is the purpose of dating, for you? 3. Is this the first time you have courted someone? 4. Is marriage in your future prospects? 5. What does marriage mean for you? 6. Do you feel ready to take the responsibility to make this important decision in your life? 7. How much will your family influence your decision? 8. What qualities do you look for in a potential spouse?

Education 1. What is the highest degree of education you’ve had so far? 2. Do you consider education to be receiving the mark of an institution, or something else? If something else, elaborate. 3. Do you plan on furthering your education? 4. What are your expectations about the education your wife has/will receive? 5. How satisfied are you with whatever education you have received?

Family 1. How important is family to you? 2. Do you want to start a family in the future? 3. How many children are you comfortable with? 4. What are your views about adoption? 5. Do you believe in a close nuclear family, or a close extended family? 6. What kind of relationship do you have with your parents? 7 ... (more)

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answered 2013-06-06 07:12:38 -0600

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I see some common ones:

What are your long term goals? What are your expectations from marriage? What are your deal breakers in marriage (which could instantly bring a rift)? If there is a long weekend or a half day free, what do you generally like to do? How do you de-stress? (reading books, shopping, outdoor activities, sleeping)

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answered 2013-06-07 01:03:10 -0600

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I would love to know some of the questions you have compiled. I have a list of what I'm looking for in a potential spouse. Such as someone who has kesh and a full beard, enjoys doing sewa.. A list of questions would probably be better.

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