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Bhabhi’s behaviour at home

asked 2019-08-24 03:53:12 -0600

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My brother got married in feb’18 when my bhabhi came home, she started doing drama. We are middle class family. My brother is supporting my father in their business. I was preparing for CA wen she came but she didn’t let me study peacefully for a single. Daily she used to fight for small issues and compel my brother to fight with me and my mom. She was jealous of me being laadli to papa and mamma.she got separated and started living on 1st floor. Becoz of those daily fights I thought to move for a job, I started looking for a job and by almighty’s grace and love i got it. I moved to Gurgaon and she got united with mom. She doesn’t wants to do any household chores neither she wants to do dishes nor she wants to clean the house in absence of maids. My mom is doing everything. Only she cooks food for 2 times a day. Whenever I used to visit a home she gets angry and doesn’t want to talk to me and always creates issues between me mom and brother. My brother misbehaves with mom and dad he doesn’t not talk with any respect. They both don’t want them to ask any questions where are they going and so on... As they stopped talking to my mom and cooking for them. My mom dad feels bad. How wud they understand the love of parents? Please help I m worried for my mom dad

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answered 2019-08-24 08:09:54 -0600

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This is part of baggage that comes with marriage

Bhagat Kabir's bani

Chiti chawal le chali, Bich me mil gayi dal | Kahe kabir do na mile, Ik le duji dal || 11 ||

Ant is going home with a rice grain on its head and find a grain of dal(bean) Ant wants to take both as Rice without bean is useless and bean without rice too

So Kabir is saying that Ant has room for only one and has to sacrifice the other. S ame is with life.

I will add another story On Buddha here. If you fully understand this you will never be worried in life anymore

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