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what is the difference between our will and God's will ?

asked 2019-08-12 18:55:51 -0600

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updated 2019-08-13 15:50:16 -0600

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As from fewdays i was bit restless,tensed and stressed due to marriage issues and some conflict between freinds.Instead of my going to Gurudwara and doing few Ashtpadis of Sukhmani Sahib with an old man and trying to keep myself peaceful and calm i became violent and angry to my mother.I think there is a limit to our tolerance and patience after that you outburst and you became alright.I became angry and violent in past as well and felt sad and guilty about it later.But this time it was a natural case.As a day before yesterday that old man was telling me that when the doctor does the operation the patient might feel pain but the operation has to be done for the betterment of the patient.

With all this happening in my life i was telling myself that between me getting angry and calm it is all God's play or hukam(lila).

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answered 2019-08-13 15:56:52 -0600

Guruka Singh gravatar image

updated 2019-08-13 16:03:29 -0600

Gurfateh Jaipreet Singh Ji! The bottom line is that you incur karma when you hurt other people physically or emotionally. Yes, it's all God's play, but that does not mean that we don't work on ourselves to peel away the anger, lust, attachment, etc. in our lives through Jaap, Taap, Sanjam. When the pressure is on, the only thing that carries us through is our own self-discipline. The thing about anger is that you must own it. It's YOUR anger. It has nothing to do with circumstances or even with anyone else's actions. I know you know this because you were aware that you did not go to Gurdwara Sahib, but rather made the decision to indulge your anger. If you must indulge your anger, express it as anger towards yourself and use that energy to do the work. Otherwise, when you take your anger out on others, you hurt them and create karma for yourself. Jaap Taap Sanjam.

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