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Dear it happens with a lot us, till the time things go right we are fine off god and guru and when we fail in life or it goes out of hands we look upwards and seek for an imaginary person fixing it for us. that is the game we be playing and that is what made everything terrible for us. people not ready to accept the consequences of their own deeds or feeling responsible for their actions.

Well you haven't mentioned the nature of your problem so I would also write a generic solution. Do naam abhiyaas everyday it will shatter the negativity around you and fill your spirit with confidence then look up to the situation you have and feel you are absolutely responsible for how it is right now 100% no exceptions. you will see the right actions will naturally arouse out of you if you will not fool yourself with the blame game.

Dear feeling high and low is the rhythm of duality both has its own beauty, its own possibilities to it, do not be hopeless take guru's name and face it like a warrior.

2014-04-25 02:43:03 -0500 answered a question significance of numbers in gursikhi

Dear, 2+2=4 do you have to believe in it or is it something which is. Can 2+2=4 be against any religion in this world yes or no?

Does earth taking 365 days to rotate around the Sun is a belief or a reality. It was simply believed in some centuries ago, observed, tested, calculated and become a simple knowledge for all of us. You can find such complex or simple geometry and mathematics all around you.

Now, Your devotion is utmost important no doubts on that but the simple reason why these numbers were accustomed by people into the religious practices is to make use of the human body mechanism to bring change in life.

There are some number's I have tested and experienced like If you do anything for 21 days straight your body gets familiar to your activity and accept it as a part of you. Even if you will try to drop it on the 22nd day the mind itself will force you to carry on. Even neuroscience and health science are coming up with the 21 day figure today to make or break a habit. Every 21 day the brain changes its neuropathic structure. So, people were like why don't we do Nitnem for 21 days so it becomes very part of our daily lives. Ask any person how do they feel when they miss their nitnem, terrible isn't? you may see them failing Eminem at night with the flow and pressure to complete it before 12AM. lol

Similarly there are other numbers like 40 days and 108 times which to has some significance but that is your home work. You are seeker of The Truth not a religious tape recorder.

Peace :)

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We can send and receive energy to and from anyone in this world through our intentions and emotions, both positive and negative. If you can just sit easily with a silent mind and closed eyes you don't need any statues or pictures to connect to your deity but if you have a turmoil going inside your head you can use these devices to create a focused awareness till the time you are praying, it could also help.

Now what you ask for comes true or not is a very subjective phenomenon, its your headache but remember God could have a very tight schedule you know or he thinks you got to be kidding me lol or he might do abra ka dabra and there you have it and when you have what you want you figured oh I would have been better without it why did I asked for it. Whatever happens my dear,I personally think we should ask our-self are we using religion as a path to self realization, liberation, achieve desire less state, and be that eternal bliss or Use our deity as a Genie.

I would rather make efforts towards what I need and work harder If i desperately need it then using God as an insurance policy. lol

Cheers, Peace to you. :)

2014-04-22 14:47:46 -0500 answered a question do not wish to keep beard

Dear, This is simply seeking advice from a policemen on how to rob lol.

I still have an advice for you, a Russell Peters advice "Be a Man" and have the guts to face the consequences of your own actions. Of course there would be emotional drama because you have disturbed there moral investments and beliefs but you will get through it after all its your parents, be patient and try to make them understand your part.

And don't worry we could use some atheist people here on earth but only quality once. One who would actually go after finding every possible way to prove that there is no force greater then his mind.

Its too bad we have more of people both religious and atheist who believes then knows.

Cheers my man, Try to be a kind human at least otherwise you are douche lol. Bye

2014-04-21 05:49:24 -0500 answered a question What if you addicted to meditation?

My fellow seeker my experience says that there are two door's to your Awareness Inwards and Outwards. When you meditate you are moving it inwards and getting into a state of "Being" how deep you knows but certainly there would be Peace, Bliss or Ecstasy depends on your level. Its cool to explore this dimension of life however a lot of people get stick to it because its easy and natural way to enjoyment hence compromising on their worldly duties.

You have had two choices but as you are not in a state of surrender to the GODS WILL , otherwise you would not have posted this question here, Dear everything around you is your responsibility with no exceptions, Your family, Yourself, Neighbors, City, Country and the whole Earth itself. You are responsible for all its miseries and blessings. If you turn you Blind Eye towards these whatever will happen would be result of your Ignorance.

Please understand this, All of our Guru's lived in Ecstatic state's of being but still they lived with unlimited responsibility to the situation and people around them. So, Isn't Godly to just be Doing things necessary for others selflessly. yes or no? Yes

I have below suggestions for you -You need to decide a fixed timings for your meditation and stick to it. -For the rest of the day be fully available to people around you and help them in their pursuits. -Do your job with enthusiasm. Gel up with people around, share stories, jokes and life experiences.
-Do gym or yoga to improve you muscle health. You would not go anywhere in spiritual or material aspect before a sound health. -Find hobbies which interest you could be sports, reading, writing, poetry. Pickup anything artistic whichever appeal to your personality. Be creative

Enjoy this B'full life. Cheers to you :)

(Answer to the 2nd Question by Thruth)

By two choices I meant first the path of Love to the almighty (Sikhi Way). In Love you loose yourself and only the Other Is, Suddenly you are not important anymore an unclaimed, Unspoken surrender happens and your ego silents itself for the first time. Such person enjoy being filled with divine bhav(emotions) and careless about what is happening on the outside. The seeker happily goes through life as it comes in gratitude taking it as God's Will or as in the word comes "Bhaana". This path doesn't provides surety to your spiritual growth as its God's Will not yours so he may give everything or nothing at all. But this shouldn't bother the seeker as his love is absolute and his bhaav for the almighty is all what is dear to him.

This is also called the chandra nadi or the Moon way because it provides the seeker with certain coolness in his energy system.

Second is the Surya nadi way or the shakti way, Here you take everything in your hand, you are in-charge of your life ... (more)

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In the morning on empty stomach condition sit in straight crossed legged posture take deep breaths(complete inhale and exhale) for 2 minutes and then do the below for 5 minutes, it would greatly benefit and balance the basic two nadis through which your prana moves(ida and Pingla)and bring about stability in you, if any question ask me.

( Do not forget you have to inhale and exhale as slowly as possible starting from exhale from the left and the same when you want to end)

Once done, Keep the straight comfortable posture and Chant "Dhan Guru Nanak" Repeatedly.Do it gracefully and melodiously(15 minutes).

When you take his name or moves your intention towards your guru his Shakti starts transforming you on all physical and subtle levels.

Pay close attention to what you are eating say no to junk or as less as possible. (You are what you eat).

Do this for 40 days straight and come back with a Good News. :)

2014-04-18 15:05:18 -0500 answered a question difference

Dear, Guru sahib talks about existence "THE REALITY" the very way it is beyond human perceptions or beliefs. See Guru Granth Sahib ji just sitting in gurudwara silently available to everyone who is seeking, His intent is to uplift your consciousness through Baani wherever he sees a tiny vaccum in your thought flow He enters in you but that rarely happens because most of us go there with the intent to "DO" not to "BE". If you can someday just "BE" in his presence such question wouldn't rise, you might forget your own gender and your ego will take around few minutes to reload the software on your brain when you come back in "DO" mode lol. Your name is this, You live on that street, your mobile is in your pocket, Joda ghar is that way, lol then who is the father, master or friend.

How you want to associate yourself to him is your personal matter but as far his identity is concerned He Varies from "Absolute Nothingness to Absolute Wholeness". So if you want to play around, you may go on and

We are made in his Image and how is he "Na Taate Na Maate, Na Jaate Na Paate".

2014-04-17 03:17:55 -0500 answered a question Tattoo's and sikhism

I got it on my wrist and I am living blissfully my dear. Religion is for self realization and if you not interested in that department don't try to forcefully stick to its should & shouldn't s it will create misery in you. Rehat must be followed voluntarily and joyfully otherwise its paakhand.

Just to let you know our 6th and 10th guru used to do Hunting. Guru Gobind singh ji used to wear Rs 1.5 Lakh Kalgi on his turban, ride a white elephant. What i am trying to tell you is a sikh must not be in deprived state of being But in ever growing of both spiritual and material state.

Not everyone born is looking for reunion they might have other destinies to fulfill.

What are you planning to get inked anyway? :)

2014-04-17 02:20:06 -0500 answered a question meaning of giver to all?

Imagine Mother Earth from out of space just look at her. Whatever you breath, eat, need or desire is coming out of her even the 5 elements your body consists of is derived out of her. she is providing and maintaining such a delicate environment for the world population to exist on macro and mini scale and provide you a chance to experience and enjoy the creation & transform yourself into a higher being comfortably. And what do we have to do in return "nothing". Isn't she truly a Mother a "Giver to all".

Beautiful Isn't?

Since the whole creation came out of nothingness you can also call the Almighty or the Soul of the Universe herself as the ultimate giver or caretaker.

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Certainly, it mostly happens when you are sleep or early morning where you feel pressure on your body and someone forcing you back into dreams or nightmares when you trying to wake up. I spoke to few people who themselves have experienced it and I found my experience to be the same. This irritates me because i am used to stay in high vibration naturally when i am awake but as soon as i sleep such energies disturbs me and when i wake up I could feel the heaviness and tiredness and then i just rub my hands and increase my vibration to feel normal again.

I mostly have lucid dreams and in one dreams such negative energy got hold of me and then i was lying heavy on the ground unable to move but inside at rest and then i uttered in mild proudly tone to this devil "Dont you know i am the son of Guru Gobind Singh" then in a matter i said "Humari Karo Haath Dey Racha" my vibration increased and i got pulled back in my body.

So the lesson i learned out of this dream and i think which could help you is do chaupai saheeb before sleep or whenever you feel you got attacked.

2014-04-16 05:16:38 -0500 answered a question What Gurbani says on Pachtawa (Regret)?

Veer ji tusi hune wi maafi maang sakde ho, Guru ji saamne Ardaas karo tey akhir wich ohna da khyal man wich leyao tey dilo maafi mang loh, Maafi pahunch jandi aa. Sachii

2014-04-16 05:08:06 -0500 answered a question Forehead tingling (Third eye area)

Dear seeker it cant quite be counted as kirpa but nevertheless. These chakras might have become sensitive and somewhat awake because of some miscellaneous energy, it has nothing to do with your religion or race it is a part of your very existence. However This sensations will not change your life in experiential way however if you choose to walk on the path of self realization yes this could be of some help.

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2014-04-16 03:18:54 -0500 answered a question Help me! Lost SINGH

Dear do you seek apologies from God if you don't take bath for few days :) What would you do? just take a bath. when you feel like, whatever time is appropriate for you, you are only concerned about keeping your body clean but if you don't if you are hard case your family well reminds you of it lol. Likewise, Your condition is your spirit call saying hey you haven't fed me the divine energy(Nitnem) from so long I am hungry come on but Your mind the mad part of you lol gives you excuses, Guilt's and many rubbish ideas for not doing it or Postponing it.

If you have this dire urge to do path you will get up exactly when you want I bet, But as that is not there so you must do when you can, You wont skip Break fast if you were not able to have it exactly at 7AM :). Gradually when your soul is getting its food you will have a better control of your life then you can get up and go to sleep when you want. Also, keep your dinner light(Fruits & Salad).

2014-04-16 02:39:31 -0500 answered a question Marijuana and Sikhi - Updated!

1) Saroop singh mentioned it above.

2) Now what is with the drugs. Spiritually it mess with your energy body for sure though gives you a temp. relief or pleasure and you can use it to meditate if you want. But there is nothing spiritual about it, you will never touch your bliss body (the Atma). Trust me if you are really growing spirit wise gradually you have to make the wise decision and drop it. So did I, Meditate until you come in contact with the Divinejuana lol. Its not far from reach just have a little patience.

3) I have tried Mary and meditate it shows me High Definition snow flakes and random things and shoot my energy high out of the body and below the ground with no control over it. Its fun but you shouldn't have fun with your energy systems you might pay a big price for that if you are not well aware of the technicalities of all 5 bodies.

4) hows about other psychedelics?----I have never tried that my friend but its better to be independently high..the very way you exist should be intoxicating ..then to be dependent on drugs for having inner might had a glimpse here and there But you will never be in it.

2014-04-15 09:46:01 -0500 answered a question Hats -topee

I am hard case ..As Sikhism gives spiritual lifestyle to enlightenment I Would be interested in knowing the science or spirituality behind abandoning Caps. I have met many Enlightened beings with no dastaar, so why such a big consequence and importance to type of abject you cover your head from is given.

I personally experience better flow of energy through crown when i am not wearing dastaar.

if anyone can share his/her experience?

Sat Sri Akal