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Help me! Lost SINGH

asked 2014-03-23 16:56:52 -0500

anonymous user


updated 2014-03-24 03:47:18 -0500

Dear Sikhs,

Amongst us all, I have a big confession to make! I did not participate in my paath for many years, 5 now! exactly! I did not know, I only could remember the day still it happened! 5.30 AM wast my time to get up, but as soon as I woke up at 7! I could not believe what happenend, and since then I've been wandering around, not realizing what really happened to me! I am from an other origin my name is SINGH, female, but my mama is from an other origin,.. that's not a matter here but I mean that I just learned to know about WaheGuru and me and then It suddenly stopped at one day.. Al my fear came true like.. And then I have been walking with this question ever since I tried many times to wake up I ask for advive to my dear ones, but they don't seem to care, or understand what I was going through as I self did not understand it half..

What I can I do to make it good.. ? Is there still chances for me to do ? Pleasehelpme!!

I start to feel I have done something really wrong, and I cannot denie it..

Can I start to do my paath now exactly, again? Can I do something, anything to catch up the missed nitnems? Can I get Forgiveness, from God, again and try to start my life in a good waay?

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answered 2014-04-16 03:18:54 -0500

Anandrupa gravatar image

Dear do you seek apologies from God if you don't take bath for few days :) What would you do? just take a bath. when you feel like, whatever time is appropriate for you, you are only concerned about keeping your body clean but if you don't if you are hard case your family well reminds you of it lol. Likewise, Your condition is your spirit call saying hey you haven't fed me the divine energy(Nitnem) from so long I am hungry come on but Your mind the mad part of you lol gives you excuses, Guilt's and many rubbish ideas for not doing it or Postponing it.

If you have this dire urge to do path you will get up exactly when you want I bet, But as that is not there so you must do when you can, You wont skip Break fast if you were not able to have it exactly at 7AM :). Gradually when your soul is getting its food you will have a better control of your life then you can get up and go to sleep when you want. Also, keep your dinner light(Fruits & Salad).

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answered 2014-04-15 13:48:37 -0500

saroop singh gravatar image

waheguru ji.

Go to guru sahib and do an ardass for forgiveness and repeat jap ji sahib as many times as you want or do mool manart da jaap for a while. From then on try and carry on with your previous routine of doing paat

hope this help. this happened to not too long a go and i have started my paat again and have recieved this bliss again


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