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Veer ji. I am a boy and I am not this for a girl whom I want to marry. I am doing this for myself to be son of kalgidhar patsaah and be completely part of purest form of religion present in the world.

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I am not yet a Sikh by look because I am not born in a Sikh family neither my forefathers or their wife were belonging to Sikh culture. I am the one who want myself to be a Sikh by look. I want to be a amritdhari even but I belong to a middle class family. You have any idea how to do all paperworks?

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2017-08-23 20:20:11 -0500 asked a question How to change name, tittle and religion in all paperworks?

I'm born in a hindu family. I went gurudware for the first time four years back. I was totally amused to feel th peace I felt when I got in there. I went for the first time with my amritdhari friend. I used to feel nervous for the first year. I used to go with my friend only. Then slowly I started going on my own. I started doing chaur seva Langar seva. I started then doing path. I started feeling that's where I belong to and yes I even feel now I belong there and I want that after I become completely independent I turn myself completely into sikhi swaroop. I be an amritdhari. I am from a middle class family and I have got no family business to carry. All I will he doing is a Job and for that paperworks are needed. So I wanted to know the procedure to completely turn to a amritdhari Sikh from a hindu regarding name, tittle, religion and paperworks.

Ps:I haven't converted yet to a amritdhari Sikh, and I am a boy.

2017-08-23 20:00:56 -0500 asked a question Loving a boy of another religion

Sikhs believe that all humanity is one and we all are to merge with the Supreme creator depending on our deeds. If so is the case then why are there restrictions a Sikh can only marry a Sikh, doesn't that mean race is included here. Guru Nanak Dev ji even said Before becoming a Sikh, hindu, Muslim be a human first. Then why difference is considered here. We all are children's of Waheguru ji then why this sort of separation here. Gurudware is for everyone but only those who are Sikhs can marry there. How can this be made? There are people who are of different faith who follow Sikhism. I am one of them. It's been 4 complete years since I have done any sort of idol worship. I have been doing path, seva. I am not able to carry a Sikh tittle because I wasn't born there. So please somebody answer my query of loving someone of different religion and marriage in gurudware not being a Sikh