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The main problem which is definitely going to be is kesh according to me.... no offence just giving my opinion

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happened with me.... i used to eat food with my sister in same thal but after amrit sanchar i was banished from sharing the same plate as i was told *juth ni chakna* felt like being outcast in my own family

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I understand you very clearly. Don't go in too much of trouble . everybody have made their own versions on sikhi like someone will tell you eating jhatka is allowed where the others will totally deny it. I once asked babaji of gurudwara near my house that why does nihangs in my area consume sukha(also known as bhang) when it is strictly not allowed in sikhi, babaji said- its not sukha its degh (like prasad) and nihangs used to consume it before battle so that they won't feel pain and they do now because it will help them in concentration. And in my mind Iwas like is this babaji trying to sell me sukha when he should have critisized nasha. so I think you get my point.. just take reference from Guru Granth Sahib and might get it all.

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wjkkwjkf brother I took support of guru sahibji but and found that if I am not true to Guru Sahib how can I be true to anybody(including me). and one more doubt wasn't ardaas sahib written so that those who did not know how to ask guru sahib will have a way to beg(blessings,forgiveness, anything).

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why do i wanna give up sikhi? Its simple I am being sikh just for my mom and dad but from inside I know I am living a fake life. And I am tired of it

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Thank you veerji, i was convincing myself the same from past three years but my question is simple is there any kriya or procedure in our religion to leave sikhi? Just want an answer in yes or no... Don't mean to offend anyone.

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My uncle Roop Singh is looking for his better half and he is looking for a sikh girl he is 32 years old civil engineer. May be if you are interested, he is a * good guy*...

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strong text I am 25 year old male, and was amrith dhari from 18 to 21 years of age, but it wasn't my decision every body from my family to my friends to my hostel mates pressured me to become AMRITDHARI SINGH. And I did it. But it didnt felt right to me. For three years I regularly did amrivele isnan, did all the 5 amritvele path, did rehras sahib and sohela sahib thinking that i would grow intrest. But I wasn't happy. Where I grew up eating JHATKA is allowed and when I went amritsar one of the Babaji told me that my amrit is khand due to consumption of meat. I told them it was JHATKA not HALAL but they still told me that I am not amritdhari any more and when i visited Hazur sahib they told me JHATKA is allowed.

So I was totally frustrated that i was living some fake live for almost three tears which seemed to me like unhappily ever after. I felt foolish for becoming AMRITDHARI as our one PANTH have different ideology over AMRIT and that too in TAKHAT sahibs one Takhat's jathedar advises you not to eat jhatka while other Takhat' jathedar says jhatka os not a problem and i can eat it being amrithdhari.

Then i tried reading SHRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB and all I understood according to my knowledge is that nothing matters not what you eat, or if you maintain sabat surat all that matters is that you live your life as humanly as possible.

So as now I came to realise that all that matters is humanity so i was wondering as you can become a sikh by amrit sanchar, is there any other way if you could just get out of sikhism without disgracing you family and can clean shave and become one with the crowd.?

as i feel being a sikh and still keeping my so called sabat surat i am living a fake life can I just ditch it all and become a normal person go totally bald cleanshave