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asked 2016-07-07 20:48:13 -0600

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First of all guys don't leave any hateful remarks. Or judge me

Here goes I started doing paath of Sri guru granth sahib like a Sehaj paath. I completed 700 pages. But something inside me happened and I began sort of hating religion in general. So i got basically repulsed by so many issues, gender inequality, politics and what not. but now i want to start doing that paath again because i realize that constant state of hate is ruining me how should i begin doing it? Ask for forgiveness?

The gap of me not doing paath was about 6 months

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answered 2016-07-08 16:30:46 -0600

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We don't allow haters on this forum and you will never be judged here.

Just do your own ardas to Guru Ji to bless your Sahaj Paath and if you know exactly where you left off, just resume from there. A Sahaj Paath is just that... relaxed and balanced. If you are not sure where you left off, go back several pages and start from there. All is well. You understand that you have to deal with your own mind and redirect it. Much love to you and Guru's blessings to complete your Paath.

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