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once you took amrit so you can cut your private part or underarms hairs or not

asked 2016-04-07 16:27:09 -0600

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i m very confused about that so plz answer me ASAP

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answered 2016-04-07 17:35:01 -0600

tpg gravatar image

I don't think you're allowed to cut any hair from any part of the body once you take Amrit. This is because guru ji wants the amritdhari sikhs to appreciate the form of body that the God has given us and not change it.

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answered 2016-04-08 01:42:38 -0600

Not at all Punjabi gravatar image

Whether the person is Amritdhari or simply Keshadhari Sikh, a true Sikh is defined as follows:

  1. A true Sikh male or female doesn’t trims or shaves the bodily hairs from top to toe and keeps his/her head covered most of the time.
  2. A true Sikh refrains himself/herself from alcohol or any form of tobacco substance.
  3. A true Sikh intakes food that is pure vegetarian and before each meal remembers God.
  4. A true Sikh refrains himself/herself from pre-marital sex or having sex outside the parameters of marriage.
  5. A true Sikh earns his/her livelihood through hard work and honest means and shares one tenth of his/her net monthly earnings with the needy and the poor.
  6. A true Sikh never speaks ill will of any person, any religion or their customs and traditions, any nationality, language, skin color, gender or even profession.
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