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Whether the person is Amritdhari or simply Keshadhari Sikh, a true Sikh is defined as follows:

  1. A true Sikh male or female doesn’t trims or shaves the bodily hairs from top to toe and keeps his/her head covered most of the time.
  2. A true Sikh refrains himself/herself from alcohol or any form of tobacco substance.
  3. A true Sikh intakes food that is pure vegetarian and before each meal remembers God.
  4. A true Sikh refrains himself/herself from pre-marital sex or having sex outside the parameters of marriage.
  5. A true Sikh earns his/her livelihood through hard work and honest means and shares one tenth of his/her net monthly earnings with the needy and the poor.
  6. A true Sikh never speaks ill will of any person, any religion or their customs and traditions, any nationality, language, skin color, gender or even profession.