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grandmother cutting grandson's hair

asked 2016-04-17 04:02:42 -0600

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There is a man I know who embraced Sikhism because he married a Punjabi Sikh woman. His son during his last visit to his Catholic grandmother's home got his hair cut by his grandmother and he is very angry at his mother (son's grandmother) for cutting his son's hair even though he and his wife told her not to and have not talked to her for several months. How should have the parent's react to this situation?

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answered 2016-04-17 04:07:25 -0600

They should react peacefully. The grandmother may not know why we believe in keeping our hair. She obviously has not understood the value of our hair to us and why we keep it - because it is what god has given us.

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answered 2016-04-17 04:23:05 -0600

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I don't believe in telling other people how to feel- their feelings of anger are valid. But i think the "reaction" is something we can think about. How important is the relationship to the grandma? Are they willing to work through this? That would mean having good communication skills and talking about it, expressing specifically how that was hurtful due to the importance of the hair. And hearing what the grandma has to say. The person who answered above has made a good point that perhaps she didn't understand. But on the other hand, if grandma doesn't care/understand and would do it again, i'm not sure how they can maintain a relationship with grandma.

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