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What are the Yugas?

asked 2015-12-31 16:56:06 -0500

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We are in the khali yuga, or the dark age. What happens when this era ends? How long are the yugas? and finally, why does the guru tell us of the yugas? What importance to they underline in just ones personal battle against the worldly illusion. Why does the the guru say, "In the third they babble nonsense, in the fourth, the judgement of death has come."? I am very curious to know about the yugas and what they mean. Thank you and please forgive me if I said something wrong or offensive.

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answered 2016-01-05 06:18:24 -0500

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YouTube - The Tale of Four Ages

About the last part, is when the sun runs out of gas and turns into a red giant. Except for this I description, I do not know much else why Guru Nanak mentioned the 4 ages. I do know according to Basics of Sikhi that Sat Guru, the core meaning of it is not god per se but one that takes you from darkness too light. Like in this youtube clip Episode 2 when Krishna says:

Episode 2 - Krishna Speaks

Light burns low in this sinister age, but it is not yet extinguished. Any man or woman living in that dire time of emergency need only once speak my name and they will be saved. For this reason the sinister age is the best of all to be born in. Because when this age ends another great day dawns, a new golden age...

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answered 2016-01-08 16:22:59 -0500

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Sat Yuga (Golden Age - Age of Truth) is 1,728,000 years. Treta Yuga (Silver Age - Age of Faith) is 1,296,000 years. Duapar Yuga (Bronze Age - Age of Doubt) is 864,000 years. Kali Yuga (Iron Age - Age of Darkness) is 432,000 years.

Together, the four Ages comprise one Maha Yug (Great Age) of 4,320,000 years. The ratio of Yuga duration is thus 4:3:2:1 totaling the 4,320,000 years of Maha Yuga. Two thousand Maha Yugas (8,640,000,000 years) are said to equal merely one day and one night in the life of Brahm.

Dawn of the present phase of the Kali Yuga is 3606 B.C. Middle is 582 B.C. Twilight is A.D. 1939 End is A.D. 2442

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