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3HO based in Espanola, New Mexico, U.S

asked 2015-12-02 07:32:37 -0500

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I a bit confused about the 3HO guys, with all respect to the 3HO guys but i do have few questions.

  1. Is 3HO(Happy, Healthy, Holy) an organisation that teaches Kundalini yoga only, what else business they do?

  2. Do all the Sikhs living in Espanola consider themselves to be 3HO Sikhs. What's the main difference between 3HO Sikhs and the mainstream Sikhs?

  3. Can any person be a Hindu or Moslem who starts learning Kundalini yoga certified from the 3HO based in Espanola add a spiritual name Singh or Kaur as well as Sikh first name taken from the 3HO's astrological science.

  4. Do 3HO guys indulge in idol worship and chanting Hindu prayers.

  5. Some Sikhs have accused Espanola based Sikhs of indulging in anti-Gurmat activities, why so?

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answered 2015-12-02 17:19:16 -0500

Guruka Singh gravatar image

updated 2015-12-02 17:19:47 -0500

Here's my best shot at answering your questions:

  1. 3HO doesn't teach anything. It's a non-profit organization that organizes events and supports a large community of teachers, counselors and students who share lifestyle technologies. Check out their web site. There is teacher training available for Kundalini Yoga, which anyone, Sikh or not, can learn practice and teach. Find out more at KRI.

  2. No. Some are Sikhs and some are not. People are at many different stages of their own personal spiritual journeys. A Sikh is a Sikh. That matter lies only between the Guru and His Sikh. There some differences in maryada, just as there are between Nihangs and what you are calling "mainstream Sikhs" although I'm not sure what that group comprises exactly.

  3. Any person, regardless of religion, can use any spiritual name they wish no matter where they learned it from. There is no requirement for anyone who uses a spiritual name. That's their blessing and/or karma.

  4. No. Neither one. I don't know any Hindu prayers, but generally speaking, why would it matter how one prays? All true prayers from the heart are equal. Religion does not matter. Buddhist prayers, Jewish prayers, Sikh prayers, Ba'hai prayers, etc., are all the same. It is the heart of the one praying that matters.

  5. Well, you'd have to ask them. People accuse others of many things. Mostly this sort of ninda comes from ego and personal agendas.

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