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Was the movement led by Yogi Bhajan in the west and the service done by Bhagat Pooran Singh in the east was badly hit by 1984 Sikh Genocide?

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I have a passion of doing comparative studies.Its my hobby.As Guru Nanak met Chaitnaya mahaprabhu in Jagganath Puri in India and they did some kirtan together and Guru Nanak moved from there some 500 years ago.Chaitnya Mahaprabhu made a prophecy that a general from his army will come and will spread Krishna consciousness in every village,city,country of the World and Praphupad came to America in 1960s and made ISKON and spread Krishna consciousness in the world who had later after becoming succesful had a powerful 100cr Hindu backing from India and today there around 1000 centers of ISKON worlwide.Similarly the 10th Nanak prophesized that his Khalsa will spread in the four corners of the world and Guru Nanak send Yogi Bhajan in west to spread Sikh Dharma there and he was very Succesful until 1984 Sikh Genocide happen the news starting spreading in the World that Harimandir Sahib has been attacked and Sikhs are getting killed.From few of Yogi Bhajan's aricles i got a hint that many people who have made him his Guru started leaving him.Many had left him few would have stood with him in the tough times and many might have lost faith in Sikhism and might have liked more Kundlani yoga.Thats my reading.As the Sikh Dharma was spreading fastly before 1984 the movement got slow down after 1984.

Similarly Bhagat Pooran Singh who is well known in Sikhism for his service could have got the Noble peace prize but the prize went to Mother Teresa who had a big Christian missionary back up.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa WAHEGURU JI KI fATEH

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answered 2019-06-07 10:57:49 -0600

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I can speak for The west only, No, 1984 did not slow the expansion of Sikhi at all that I can see in the Western world. There are more goray Sikhs now than ever before. 1984 was Guru Ji's wakeup call to the Panth. We could no longer continue sleepwalking forwards.

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