Has time have put the Sikh Panth on right track after 35 years of 1984 Sikh Genocide? [closed]

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As the Sikhs worldwide are remembering 35th anniversary of 1984 Sikh genocide i felt to say few words about it.As i see every year new articles or awareness being circulated on social media regarding this topic as during 1984 all the media was shut down by the Govt but as Kabeer says"Sakat aisa hai jaise lasan ki khaan kone baithe khaiye pragat hoye jug chaar" so as gurbani says the sins commited by India on Sikhs will be known worldwide as the time will progress more hidden information will come out.Secondly after 1984 many Sikhs started migrating fastly in foreign countries for a safe future which is happenning even today and in future also.As we see in the Western country in America a city mayor inaugurates Jarnail Singh photo and remember 1984 Sikh genocide and a Sikh remembers Sikh Genocide in the canadian parliament.What i see in the future is that as the Sun rises so is the Sikhism will rise from the western countries to the whole world and we will see that one day in every city of the world there would be rememberance of Sikh Genocide and in every parliament of each country it will be remembered.Slowly slowly as the Sun rises Sikhs will become 960 million and whole world will be transformed into Khalsa raj.Waheguru...

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Waheguru! Thank you for this, but I see no question. If you would like to start a discussion on this topic, I invite you to the SikhNet discussion forum. http://www.sikhnet.com/discussion/

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