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asked 2014-10-25 10:02:14 -0500

Bhagat Singh gravatar image

I warred with the idol-worshipping hill chiefs, For, I am the breaker of idols and they their worshippers.

Wouldn't it be disrespectful to break other religion's idols, though we don't believe in them?

He who puts faith in thy oath on the Koran, He in the end, comes to ruin. (15)

This seems like disrespect to the Koran...

Please just explain what Guru Gobind Singh Ji meant as I'm sure he did not mean to disrespect as a true warrior loves his enemies.

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answered 2014-11-06 20:55:26 -0500

manpreetsikhnet gravatar image

Literal translations lose meaning of what was said and meant originally. This is what has happened here. "Breaker of idols" here implies "the breaker of the concept of idol worship", not meant to be taken literally. Hill chiefs warred with Guru maharj because of this as they were staunch believers in idol worship.

Gurus sahibans always preached that idol worship is not going to lead one spiritually anywhere. But at the same time we respect freedom of choice of others, who still want to stick to the same. Hope this clarifies.

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