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Non stop dream

asked 2015-07-09 05:38:43 -0500

Garry Jhajj gravatar image

Sir sir mare supne rukde nahi jeker man oth ve penda jado fir sona oh supna otho he shuro ho janda jitho othea c ... Jad thak supna pura nahi ho janda khatm nahi hunda bhave 5 bar ve otha par supna chalda rehda

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answered 2015-09-02 06:37:21 -0500

singh is king gravatar image

take a big rod and hit it on your head, until your dream stops, keep trying again and again and i am sure after a while your dream will end

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answered 2015-09-02 10:35:55 -0500

Guruka Singh gravatar image

There are three things to do when you go to bed:

  1. Do Shabad Kriya - Instructions here.

  2. Chant "Aad Guray, Jugaad Guray Namay, Sat Guray Namay, Siri Guru Devay Namay" three times. Close your eyes and see Guru Nanak Dev Ji above your left shoulder, Guru Angad Dev Ji above and behind you, Guru Amardas Sahib above your right shoulder and Guru Ram Das Ji above and in front of you as you chant.

  3. Recite Kirtan Sohila out loud with love in your heart.

Do this every evening for 40 days.

Please let us know the result.

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