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How to stay in WaheGuruJi's will and how to fear WaheGuruJi

asked 2015-02-16 09:25:46 -0500

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How do we live within Akal Purakh's Hukum? And also how do we live in of fear of MahrajJi? I don't want to live in ego and I don't want to run the risk of committing sins or egotistical actions. How do we live in loving fear of MahrajJi Akal Purakh Ji?

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answered 2015-02-19 16:03:48 -0500

Guruka Singh gravatar image

Read Japji Sahib lately? Guru Nanak Dev Ji is extremely clear about this. Re-read the first 15 pauris again. Read for understanding. Basically, Guru Nanak Dev Ji says you must rest in your shunia point... your zero point... in a state of deep listening and deep gratitude. How can you do this? You must do japa and learn to meditate. As you develop and deepen your relationship with the Guru and become more spiritually mature, you will reach that state of carefree Chardi Kala where your words and actions flow in His hukum. My experience of what Guru Ji calls the 'fear' of God is actually a state of profound AWE in the presence of Waheguru and His creation.

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