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asked 2014-12-21 09:38:53 -0500

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Hey waheguru ji m all broken trying to pick my small small pieces every day but all in vain . My name is Surinder pal singh Resident of india mohali .... Dont know where to start or end my feelings but a bit of it is that I m 40 + now married .got a daughter ...but I am  totally a gone personality. ....doing just nothing way back I started my carrier ....have done job . business. ..studies gone abroad got residency of New Zealand. But of no use no use

I just sitting hand in hand thinking one day all mighty might hold my hand n take yo a decesion of what should I do .....why m I doing nothing what am I expecting ...y I m depressed ...why m I crying yyy not I m finding a way to what to do ......or should I say its his Hukam for me to stay idle ...y I cant take a decesion if taken y cant I stick to it.....I cant help my self killing every minute ...bullshit I m so called intelligent by my friends a good speaker a learner a good personality ......but m all alone people come n console me dont worry you will WIN ONE DAY  you will climb heights .....but if its his hukam I cant help it caz nothing is happening .....just nothing .....nor im working nor im disciplined ...just lust shaky ..time passer gone are days I use  go to gurudwara n do sewa I dont feel like doing anything for what ...I have no source of income I take nicotine every day ..I eat nonveg..don't do path...... I just think of killing my self ....a case is also going under trial on me ...I killed some one hitting him by car in2012 ..have to pay compensation ....dont know ......if he is the person who does all then whom m I ....if nothing is in my hands then I should accept what ever is going on means just sleeping passing time ...trying to do path some day I use to do earlier .....I use to sing bani...where m I lost this destiny or is this my end what is in my hands nothing or everything. ..god says do karam n leave results to me......then what should I do .....I m unable to decide its all most im lost in this vicious circle we do what he has written .....or do we karam n leave on god ...where is me if he is all ...n if he is all .....I should be the way I m that means doing nothing ...neither like to do business just think one day all will be sorted out which door to knock dont know ......where should I go plz plz plz plz plz plz


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answered 2014-12-22 14:00:45 -0500

Bhagat Singh gravatar image

Dear veerji Surinder Pal Singh,

This is all bad, bad, bad karma. Do Simran and seva. Motivate yourself and realize that nicotine is bad and that yo mindset is bad but by repeating God's name you will be free by Guru's grace.

With all your might pray that Guruji may bless you, and he will if you pray with all of your might! What will killing yourself do? You will be reincarnated as a lower life form which makes all your problems 10 times worse! Yes your problems are big ones but its nothing Guruji can't solve. Go to the gurudwara and take a hukamnama of what you should do in this case, and have them do an akhand path for you.

None of this is Guruji's hukam, as It is self-created by past actions. Remember by doing evil, this will only continue. Sit down and make a discipline, adding one new disciplinary thing every day. You are in my prayers - and remember: God is on your side :).

Brother, Take an ardaas, do Simran, and take deep breaths, do the above of what I said.

You will be fine!

Bhagat Das Singh, your humble servant.

PS: Email me: [email protected]

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