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Mother and daughter conflicts

asked 2013-11-26 13:00:47 -0600

kaurk2012 gravatar image

I love my mom I really do but recently we have been arguing a lot and it's really stressful for both of us. She always says that I don't prioritize housework at all an I don't get up early to help her. It's because it's true I don't because I get tired and when I get up I have to shower and go to school or work but she says that she can't live like that with me. I have to take responsibility so I don't know what's going on but I just don't like this at all. Please give me some insight on how I can solve the problem. I don't want to cause her stress at all .

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answered 2013-11-28 09:46:21 -0600

thejaanpunjabi gravatar image

hello sister,

i know exactly how you feel, i love my parents but since im a very emotional person i argue a lot with them and say things that i dont mean and feel so bad afterwards. maybe you could get up an hour earlier so you can help her with cooking or something else, or you could clean or cook with her at weekend so she can see that you really try to take responsibilities. also talk with her about school so she can understand that its hard to help with all the housework and do everything for school. but also try to understand your mother because its hard to handle everything alone.

i hope my answer can help you and i wish you and your mother all the best

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fathe; god bless you

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answered 2013-11-29 06:01:20 -0600

DM gravatar image

I believe that you could overcome this problem with communication, I totally agree that it can be very stressful to handle everything alone.

You should sit and talk to her about what goes on with you at school and work, take her out for a nice meal and just chill with her so you both can talk and understand each other.

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