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many wrong deeds

asked 2013-10-28 22:51:35 -0500

anonymous user


mai hun tak de life ch bht vadiya galtiya kitiya jive k sexual relation,mummuy daddy nu joth bolna ,te loka nu use karna..........mai galat kam karke bht dukhi huni a te guilty feel karde a kyuki mere parents mere te bht vishvas karde ne te o waheguru te bht barosa v karde ne...savere sham nitnem v karde ne...... mai bachpan to he path karde a par nal galat kam v karde a ......mai guru granth sahib ji age bht var ardas kite ak o menu sidh raste payon...... par mere guilty feel karan to bad v mai o galat kam kardi .......te hunmai khud to he bht jada frustrate rehni hai plse mere help karo ta k mai sidh raste lg ska...te apne parents da vishvas na toda

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answered 2013-10-29 00:40:03 -0500

Lo K. B. gravatar image

updated 2013-10-29 14:45:58 -0500

EDIT: Revised Answer:

Thank you for going into more detail. I am very sorry that I misinterpreted your previous query. I took some time and wrote out what I believe is a rough sketch of what you asked. Please do correct me if I am wrong.

I wish to tell this in great detail so you could give me the correct advice. I was in a sexual relationship four years ago…at that time I lived in South India. My brother and dad were class one officers. My parents place a lot of trust into Waheguru and believe that unless Waheguru ji wishes it, they cannot do anything, although they begged/prayed from their hearts. I have done paaat since childhood and have put my entire belief into Waheguru. But even then I committed a big mistake. I lie/lied a lot to my parents. I’ve come to realize that from now on that I could not stop this…I did a lot of ardas in front of Waheguru, that He may put me on a straight (clean) path, but maybe because I lied to my parents so much, that’s why God isn’t listening to me. I am preparing for study in Civils. Even by now I haven’t been pre-cleared even after all that effort I spent on it. My father treats me as a son and puts more trust in me than in my brother. The last time I gave the [test] to be pre-cleared, I didn’t pass, but I lied tremendously to my dad that it did pass. So much so that day and night I pray that maybe I will be cleared (for the test). Seeing their trust has caused me to feel guilt/worry that nothing is in my hands. I even threw their honor into dirt (but my sexual relationship, no one knows of it). How can I fix my mistakes? How can I beg for forgiveness from Waheguru so that He may forgive me, that the hopes and dreams of my mummy and my daddy can be fulfilled and so I can be helped?

Okay. I believe this warrants a new answer. You are suffering from guilt and the constant anxiety that extends from the lies you know you told your parents to make them happy. And because of that stress, the "bad" deeds you did in the past are weighing heavily on your heart. You committed a mistake, but the first step to progress has already been done. You have acknowledged your mistakes and are ashamed that you lied, but now have to get out of it. Put down the sham and tell your parents the truth. Are you afraid of what they will say, that you will break their trust and burden them even more? That has already been done, but to fix it, you have to talk with them, and let them know. I used to be so afraid of what my dad would think about ... (more)

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answered 2013-10-29 04:35:47 -0500

poonam kaur gravatar image

mai apne bare detail ch dasna cahande ha ta k tusi menu sahi advice kar sako ....mai 4 sal pehla sexual relation ch se time mai south india ch rehde se ....mere bro te dad class one officer ne te ...mere parents waheguru te bht jada vishvas karde ne te eh v mande ne k waheguru ji chahan ta kuch v kar skde ne agar ona to sche dil te sharda nal mangya jave.path ta mai v karde ha bachpan to te mai v rab te bht barosa karde ha ..par fir v mai hun tk bht vadiya galtiya kitiya ne....mai bht jada joth bole ne apne parents...te eh realise hon to bad v mai khud nu rok ni payundi mai bht var waheguru age ardas v akiti a k menu sidhe rah payon par shyad mai apne parents nu joth bolde ha isliye rab v mere ni sunda....mai civils de tayari kar rhi ha ..te mere to hun tk koi pre clear ni hoya bht mehnat karan to bad v....mere father menu as a son treat karde ne te bro to v jada mere te vishvas karde var mai ias da pre dita se o clear ni hoya par mai dad nu joth bolta k ho gya....te o din rat ehi ardas karde ne k mera main jo k dec ch a o clear ho jave......ona da eh vishvas dekh k menu khud to nafrat hon lg paye a k mere hath ch ta kuch v...even mai ta ona di izat v mitti ch mila ti....(but mai sexual relation ch se is gal bare mere to elava kise nu ni pta)....mai apni galatiya nu kida thek kara mai waheguru to kida mafi manga k o menu maf kar den te mere mummy daddy de arman pure karan ch mere madad karan...

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answered 2016-01-06 03:42:55 -0500

Garry Jhajj gravatar image

Mistake cant forgotten they always stand with you until you alive there is no way that you can fix your mistakes bcz you can fix problem not mistake once you done et is over now what is left for you is shame on you

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This is not true. Guru Ji can erase past mistakes in an instant. Guru Arjan Dev ANG 462 "One who is blessed with Your Glance of Grace, has his sins erased. Nanak meditates on the Lord, the Purifier of sinners; beholding His Vision, he suffers no more. "

Guruka Singh gravatar imageGuruka Singh ( 2016-01-08 16:15:16 -0500 )edit

answered 2016-01-23 20:45:56 -0500

Baagi Singh gravatar image

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

mai tuhade situation changi tra samajda vaa bhene mai v ehi sab krda reha but ecently guru sahib ne mnau sza diti jide vch mai ikelle beth k sochya k mainu eh sab krke ki milya i realize nothing and to some point my sexual desire is dead and rahi gal juth de try kro na bolo but j fr v bolya janda ta us nu likhna shuru kardoo i promis j tusi eh krna shuru krta ta holi holi tusi jhooth boolna v band kr daoogeeee and bas apne mann andr us giltyness nu rakhoo and neeve hoo k raho holi holi sab tekh hoo jaoo bhene

Bhul chuk maaf krna

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answered 2016-01-25 03:29:56 -0500

Not at all Punjabi gravatar image

This is an English Sikh website not a Punjabi site so do post your questions in English language so that everyone can understand your issues. So, please come out of the closet of Punjab, Punjabi, and Punjabiyat.

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answered 2016-08-25 22:39:23 -0500

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I've kissed my brother on his lips, and he has fingered me many times. I am 5 years older than him and I am 17. I have stolen from my aunts uncles cousins siblings parents and grandparents. I've lied and gossiped a lot. I regret every single thing I did. I want to be a doctor and help the world yet I am filled with my past guilt.

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Guru ji will forgive, just learn from your past and don't do it again. Now do paath and simran and you will see yourself how your sins will be forgiven.

gn gravatar imagegn ( 2016-08-28 15:19:00 -0500 )edit

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