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Dating a Sikh who might not take amrit

asked 2013-05-21 16:50:22 -0500

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I am a 21 year old, and I recently got into Sikhi. Two years ago I did not care much about it and at one point I was ready to give it up. However, now I want to keep learning and eventually want to take amirt sometime between 2-5 years from now.

Recently I met someone I really like, and she's amazing. Her personality is great, and I have not gotten along with any girl better than with her. I don't know if she feels the same way, but I really enjoy her presence. She is Sikh, but she does not keep her Kesh and do not know if she has any plans to take amrit. We only went on one date thus far. No one in her family keeps their kesh.

These are where my concerns come in. If it does work out, would it be hard for the kids? What if she agrees the kids should keep their Kesh and eventually take Amrit? Should I only look for someone who will take Amrit for marriage? Is there anyway that it could work between us? Should I not go on more dates with her?

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answered 2013-05-23 11:23:02 -0500

Guruka Singh gravatar image

You say, " I don't know if she feels the same way..." Well, it's time to find out.

These are the things that must be discussed openly prior to getting deeper into a relationship. If you can't be open with her, then you have a bigger problem than Amrit or no Amrit.

Marriages tend to be much more successful when your priorities are in alignment and your values are consistent. That's not to say the marriage cannot be successful, but it's MUCH easier if this is the case.

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