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asked 2020-02-02 03:33:32 -0600

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I'm working in FnB. It's a famous restaurant in a mall. The work is heavy and most of the workers are guys. But i love the job even it's heavy and dirty. On some busy days,my shirt and my pants can get and my shoes get really dirty. I'm okay with it. the job is heavy and it's kinda dirty my shirt & pants & shoes also gets very dirty Most of the workers are guys because it's heavy and dirty job. But the main problem here is,i always have this mindset like 'if i touch this...will i get pregnant ?' 'What is there is sperm around and all those stuff' But obviously,im working so i have my clothes on. Im the only girl in the outlet and its been 5 months working here. So i only have two questions. 1) how do i stop having this mindset 'im the only girl in this outlet so what if i sit there and the get pregnant or maybe stand close to someone' 2) is it okay for a sikh girl to work this way? A heavy and dirty job.

The guys workers are ok,we all sit on the floor and talk when there is free time but yeaa they use a lot dirty words. I need advice

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answered 2020-02-02 11:00:04 -0600

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watch this video to learn how to get pregnant fast

and you can go "get pregnant" yourself

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Alright thank you. My question is also,is it ok for a sikh girl to do a heavy and dirty job in a FnB restaurant ??

xxhumanxx gravatar imagexxhumanxx ( 2020-02-03 07:50:52 -0600 )edit

No job is dirty, only thing that is dirty is a person's mind

teraBanda gravatar imageteraBanda ( 2020-02-03 09:33:43 -0600 )edit

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