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When did actually the Aquarian age started ?

asked 2019-10-01 03:21:50 -0600

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updated 2019-10-01 10:05:16 -0600

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As christians or Astrologers believes that the birth of Jesus Christ was in actually the beginning of Piscean age same way i believe that the birth of Guru Nanak was when in reality the Aquarian age started in 1469 like when next day starts at 12:01 am but the dawn of the day comes between 5:00 am - 6:00 am similarly dawn of Aquarian age is 2012 and it's light will be strongly felt by 2038.Look a age is about 2100 years and if we calculate it in terms of a day which is of 24 hours then 1 hour is equal to 100 years approximately.What do you say Guruka Singh ?

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answered 2019-10-01 10:03:56 -0600

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updated 2019-10-04 11:48:09 -0600

What does it matter? The Dawn of the Age is Now. The angels are washing their windows while the jumble sale goes on below. Let us work together to turn the wheel of the time with love, kindness, courage, compassion and music.

Here's a bit of history: The First Ceremony of the Dawning of the Aquarian Age

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