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Is Guru Nanak the Guru of Aquarian age same as Jesus was the pioneer of Piscean age? [closed]

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As we know that Jesus Christ was the avatar of Piscean age and there are around 2.4 billion Christians in the World making it the largest religion in the World.As we all Know that we are slowly moving from Piscean age to Aquarian age.There are around 30 million Sikhs in the World today making it the smallest Dharma in the World but i think by the time as we will move more into the Aquarian age the Sikhism will start growing fastly as Guru Nanak was the Guru of Aquarian age and Yogi Bhajan was the pioneer of this age and Sikh Dharma of the West of Sikh Yogis who do Kundlani Yoga as well and Sikhism in the east will totally merge in the Aquarian age for the betterment of the World. Time will prove my word today. There shall be 960 million khalsa ruling in this earth, ruling the heart, head, prosperity and projection of all people. We shall illuminate the world in darkness and we'll warm the world in coldness. We'll serve the world at the cost of our entire strength.

The insanity will prevail in the next 20 years coming into the Age of Aquarius. It will be up to the year 2038, when things will come to a stage that people will wander around requesting to be taken into fold of Sikhism. For you, please continue to keep your beard intact and Khalsa will be your own son or daughter of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Some will go away, some will give us a bad time, but in the end, this Dharma shall rule this earth for 5000 years. You and your generations shall rule this planet.


5,000 Years As far as the heavens want, Sikh Dharma is going to be a religion for the next coming five thousand years, starting in 2038. Neither I can change it nor you can change it, nor anybody can change it. How this will happen? Because it is the prediction of the heavens, therefore let heavens deal with it. I have nothing to do with it. The job of the God must be done by God, and man should just sit and watch.cxxi

Thirdly In this article the lady also says that by 2038 we will be 960 million. In this article hari singh says that in 2037 the piscean age will be concluded and Aquarian age or Golden age will be started.

I think that there is a relationship between 2038,Aquarian age and 960 million Khalsa or Khalsa raj

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All true, but I see no question here. You have already stated that Nanak is the avatar of the Aquarian Age.

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