When is the noon of Aquarian age ?

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Well through discussions on Sikhnet questions and by reading Yogi Bhajan articles and other articles there are many dates which have been given importance like 2012 - the dawn of Aquarian age,2025- people will inhabit space,2035-Age of purity begins or the foundation of Guru Ramdas RajYog Takht is laid in Ramdaspuri,2038-The Era of SirI Guru Granth begins or Sikhism becoming the dominant religion on the Earth or People requesting Khalsa for help and want to live with them,2060-Children taking birth during these times will be telepathic.I might see my Grandchildren getting born as telepathic.

But believing in these dates is kind of evolution of mankind and personally i believed or came to conlusion before 3 months was that the in 2038 there will be 960 million Khalsa which will rule for 5,000 years but after asking about 100 questions understanding came that this is not true.Then i came to conclusion that this will come true when there will be full light or noon of Aquarian age will come.

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