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i want to die

asked 2019-05-25 16:29:15 -0500

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updated 2019-05-31 11:49:51 -0500

Guruka Singh gravatar image

I am a girl and im 16. I am done. i dont wanna live anymore. I am in pain. Idk what it is but Im tired and exhausted. I will try to make this as short as possible. I can't recognize myself, I have anxiety. You know how you feel stuck in a room.I feel like I am going to fall inside the earth's crust(ik i wont). I feel stuck in the universe. I feel so many other things. idk how to explain. It all started with me feeling like passing out to all this, all my physical tests are fine. The doctor referred me to see a psychiatrist but my parents never took me.I tried searching up my symtoms and i found dpersonalization idk idc i just wanna feel normal again. When this thing was bad i had to tell my family b/c I couldnt sleep etc. But then I started pretending to fine but I am actually not, only thing changed it i have less trouble sleeping. My parents started assuming stuff like I am depressed, or I have a bf or something related to that. It really makes me mad. I am not open to my parents like I am not comfortable sharing them stuff at all. And they have their own problems and they fight and stuff . I did really bad academically and everything like idc at this point i can work harder in the future. i just wanna get better. idk what to do. can god help me . i have lost faith tho. like idk what to do. i just wanna get drunk and die. uhhh

Everything feels weird and it’s really painful . I feel bad for dad . Now I wanna work hard and actually be successful in life. Whatever this is is not letting me and seems like this condition is chronic . I just want to get normal ASAP . Idk what to do .

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answered 2019-05-26 00:59:54 -0500

strongKaur gravatar image

Hello Bhenji. You are 16 and have so much time to change things in your life now. From feeling like we hit rock bottom, it is our time to bow to our Guru Ji in humbleness and we will find our way through. Killing yourself won’t end your pain, because we know that we are reincarnated until our purpose is fulfilled, and it passes on pain to those that you love. Worse yet I have seen people not be successful in their attempt and suffer greatly due to long term health problems as a result. I know you’re tired and you want the pain to go away. Your anxiety is creating a lot of physical symptoms for your body too. I think you should definitely see a psychiatrist. Try again. See a counsellor if not a psychiatrist, and honestly at 17 your parents don’t need to know who you are seeing and why, you can access your own healthcare. Theres a lot of stigma around our parents generation about mental health. Depersonalization, anxiety, and suicidality are all manageable and treatable conditions. They can go away, you just need the right help. You will be successful in life, you just have to manage all the root of these symptoms. Gurbani helps us manage our anxiety- understand it, watch kathas like basics of Sikhi. They are very helpful. At the same time see your doctor, let them know how serious things have gotten and get some help.

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answered 2019-05-25 22:26:38 -0500

teraBanda gravatar image

You shouldn't worry about death. You will die for sure one day, time will kill you.

Better to hold on and see what will happen next in life like you watch a thriller movie instead of killing myself would be my advice

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answered 2019-05-26 12:52:06 -0500

Truthseeker2001 gravatar image

Gurbani is the medicine prescribed by Guru Ji. Nitnem and Simran at Amrit Vela are part of this medicine. Start small, 5 mins of Simran a day and ask the Guru to help you, who always hears your prayers. Once we start this path of devotion, then God will help us, but if we are not on this path of steadfast devotion to God, how can we expect God to help us?

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