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Willful thinking vs unwillful thinking ?

asked 2018-09-06 05:01:23 -0600

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  1. When automatically mind starts thinking bad about anyone or himself also... without any will then what a person do When any bad t thought comes to my mind I started Saying Waheguru Waheguru again and again till the thought is not vanished from my mind and I also feels regret ,who am I to think these bad things to me or to other people so there arises a one question in my mind that these thoughts running in my mind regarding thinking bad of the persons without any intention then God forgive me or not?
    1. Other thing that I want to ask that if our minds started thinking that I will go to that religious place I will go to that visit place automatically that I will go to that visit place become compulsory to visit them?
    2. I also want to ask a question that if our mind without person 's will ..thinking anything that a person don't want to think actually neither for anyone else neither for himself so will it matter?

Please answer these questions separately. Thankyou.

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answered 2018-09-06 12:31:30 -0600

Guruka Singh gravatar image

Thoughts come and go. They are only thoughts. They arise then dissolve like clouds in the sky. What matters is intention. Thoughts do not create karma. Intention creates karma. There is nothing to be forgiven.

No thought creates compulsory action. However, intuition lets you know when you need to do something or go somewhere. When you have a negative thought about someone you can consciously switch it to a positive/blessing thought. The procedure is: catch the thought ("I am having a negative thought about so and so") Recognize the thought for what it is and utter "Waheguru!" to cut the thought. Now think of that person bathed in a golden, healing light. Open your heart and consciously send love to that soul. In this way the person is blessed and you are blessed.

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