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so many sins

asked 2018-08-31 00:09:35 -0600

Kaurrr. gravatar image

I have done so many sins. How can i remove all the sins? I don't wanna go to hell :( How? What should I do to remove all the sins?

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answered 2018-09-01 14:34:18 -0600

Guruka Singh gravatar image

In Sikhi there is no such thing as sin. The word is Paap. Paap is usually translated as "sin," but that is a Christian concept that does not exist in Sikhi. Paap is Paa-Aap: you do it, you get it. Paa-Aap means an action done in ego, what you earn with your ego, not what comes to you by grace.

Paap is: you do it even though it takes you farther away from Oneness. Because you are not acting with consciousness. Because you are not applying universal consciousness. Because you are not applying any self learning and the words of the Guru, you are only doing what you are doing. Aap means acting by your own will and desires. Then you must face the result of that. That is called Paap. The opposite word of Paap is Punn. Punn, where you Paap, Na. You negate your self. Na, drop being controlled by your ego and you do what is generally in the general good. That is called Punn. And that is what Guru says. What brings pain is a Paap. And what brings you glory, that's a Punn.

When you damage others, confuse others, diffuse others when you use others to serve your own ego, your persona, as a pawn in your game, you ruin their future, you ruin their life, because you are commotional and caught in your past, and you are self-centered, this is all paap. When you live in your past it is a paap. When you live in your insecurity it is paap. Just understand: You are made in God and you are God. There was, there is, and there shall be nothing but you. Just do what God wants you do to. Live in Hukam. Live with Guru Ji. What you can't know doesn't matter. Just know it all comes from your Guru. It is all written there, within those fourteen hundred and thirty pages.

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