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WJKK WJKF! Confused.

asked 2018-08-20 09:29:46 -0600

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So I have been worried alot. Like about getting white discharge/getting pregnant when I never did sex. White discharge is totally normal for a girl. But then i get worried of getting pregnant when I know I never had sex. So my question is,do you know anything that i could read to less my worry?Anything?

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answered 2018-08-20 10:42:24 -0600

Guruka Singh gravatar image

This is about three things: Fear. Obsessive thoughts, and Worrying. Fear comes from insecurity. When you are not secure in your connection to Guru Ji and unable to control your own mind , fear sets in. Obsessive thoughts and Worry are habits. Habits can be broken. How? By substituting a different (positive) habit. These two vids may help...

Why Do You Worry?

Meditation to Overcome Haunting Thoughts

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answered 2018-08-26 01:09:37 -0600

strongKaur gravatar image

Where do you think this worry about getting pregnant comes from, like is it a situation that someone you know has been in and what specifically about being pregnant scares you. It might help if you saw a counsellor and explored that fear a little bit. obsessive thoughts and fears like that can be broken by Gurbani.

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