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cheated in school

asked 2013-12-29 22:20:29 -0500

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I am in a professional medical program in University for which I worked really hard to get acceptance. During a time of stress/anxiety I made a big mistake. I cheated during an exam and was suspended for a couple months from school. Since this was a professional program the classes were small and when I was caught the entire class witnessed the event. I have gone through phases of depression, regret and shame.I have tried to accept and move forward, but I find that when I sit by myself my mind goes back to that day and I cannot move forward. My parents have been supportive but I feel shame and guilt. As my suspension will be complete soon I will be returning to school, I'm afraid to go back because all the students will be there... I am afraid of what other people think of me...I have lost the trust of my classmates and professors I do not know how to move forward. I would appreciate any advice...any specific meditation or shabads from Gurbani that may help me move forward.


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answered 2013-12-30 14:03:40 -0500

MR. SINGH gravatar image

I will be quite daring to face the situation, But if you can it will be the best.

Try to change the school,I don't think you can change. Try, if it works. Don't get depressed. This small scale cheating doesn't matter if you learnt not to cheat. Hopefully never cheat Anyone, anywhere... THE BEST LESSON...

Without this, In future you may cheat on larger level also.(for money etc etc)

Say thanks to god

However pull up your socks and get ready to face the challenge.

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