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Why are these thoughts happening?

asked 2012-11-14 00:06:34 -0600

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Sat nam!

I'll be quick and to the point with this post, although I could go on forever with this, and it might have to be approached in a strange manner. This question has to do with a state of mind/being I can feel I'm in that I can't entirely comprehend (there is a question at the end, promise!). A month and a half ago I had this experience that had transformed me completely and entirely, a kind of experience that felt like something 'terrifying' was ripped out of my abdomen and taken away. This time was a time of great pain for me, lots of confusion and immense fear and sadness, which had plagued me in the past. I've always been a contemplative person, always begged in my head for Guru ji to absorb me one day, and the second I felt that dark blindness rip itself away, there was an indescribable peace, like a warmth and light embracing me and accepting and revealing my love, and I could literally 'see' in the way of feeling, hands holding onto mine. It's impossible to describe but this is as close as I can get.

Well, a few weeks later I left to college and through another series of events, it felt as if I was walking on clouds or was carried in a sling, and after that everything began to literally glow--the ek ong kar came to life in everything, in songs, words, voices, faces, flowers, anything, I suppose. Indescribable! It's still the same to this day. I also started to realize things that had happened in my past, how everything fit together as one large puzzle, and recognized the signs were there in my whole life, and how Guru ji was quietly shaping me and I was too afraid to recognize it.

The connection I know I have is impossible to describe and I don't think I will try, but there's something I don't understand that's happening. For some reason, there's still some dark voice, some odd voice that keeps screaming terrible things about me, Guru ji, anything I care about and love, a voice that used to make me want to vomit constantly from fear, although now I feel immense peace constantly. It's like some echo of the thing that was ripped away. Should I just ignore it? I feel like every time I hear it I have to stop to hit myself, pinch myself or freeze up or scream back internally to make the echo fade away. I know for certain that I should ignore it, that it's not attached to my conscious at all, but is there any particular shabad I can do that will make the ache go away? I love Guru ji with every inch of my being, because He is my being and every being, infinity and beyond. I just wish my mind or whatever that is that says ... (more)

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Waheguru Ji....Just do naam simran everytime you feel the echo...just close your eyes and do simran of WAHEGURU and listen to your own voice...and just do ardas...Guru Sahib ji has blessed you with something special by blessing you the above. He will guide you...Guru Ang Sang..You are a blessed soul

unknownkaur gravatar imageunknownkaur ( 2012-11-14 09:12:42 -0600 )edit

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answered 2012-11-14 11:02:57 -0600

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updated 2012-11-14 11:04:34 -0600

It does not matter why. It matters what to do about it. These feelings are self-created and they come from your own negative thoughts circling round and round. The future does not exist yet. You create your reality with the thoughts you think, the words you speak and the actions you do.

Total trust in God and Guru is the answer. It becomes fixed inside of you, in your breath and in your heart at every moment.


It is time to meditate. Don't say you cannot concentrate. You can do this meditation and it will clear your fear of the future and connect you to the flow of life through your heart.

Sit comfortably with your back straight but not tense. Rest the back of the left hand in the palm of the right hand. The right thumb nestles in the palm of the left hand and the left thumb crosses it. The fingers of the right hand curve around the outside of the left hand and hold it gently. Holding your hands in this way will give you a peaceful, secure feeling. Put this mudra over your heart with the palm-side resting against your chest.

image description

The crossed thumbs neutralize your mind's frantic calculations to avoid fear and pain. It is the calculations themselves that make you so anxious and get you out of touch with your intuition and your heart.

image description

Now close your eyes and LISTEN. Breathe with a long slow breath and meditate on your favorite version of the shabd "Dhan, Dhan, Ram Das Gur Jin Siriaa Tinay Swaria." You can play it on your iPod, computer or however you like.

Here is a link to one of my favorite recordings of it. Download it and use it if you wish.

Turn up the volume! Breathe. Listen.

Start with 11 minutes and slowly and gradually work up to 31 minutes. When the Shabd ends, inhale deeply and then relax.

Guru Rakha, .....G

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This is amazing...simply amazing...thank you! It worked instantaneously. God bless...

Lo K. B. gravatar imageLo K. B. ( 2012-11-14 17:18:00 -0600 )edit

Quick question...whenever I meditate, I'm starting to get this sensation right in the area of my third eye and all this normal or am I not relaxed enough before I meditate? This doesn't happen every time but I can feel it on my third eye, almost like impulses firing in my head? Thanks!

Lo K. B. gravatar imageLo K. B. ( 2012-11-19 01:04:55 -0600 )edit

answered 2012-11-14 05:42:25 -0600

Polly gravatar image

Gurfateh ji

I would like to say that ur not alone, i am going through something similar. Since coming into sikhi, i have had these strange/ obtrusive and often disgusting thoughts that jus pop into my head and its all sikhi related. So even though i cant say i feel as much anand/peace as you, i feel that these thoughts/images are preventing me from getting closer to Guru ji

I used to worry so much about them to the point where i think i was borderlining depression..seriously.. But then i read that the only way is to ignore them as this reduces the respect and importancr we give to although now i am not as fearful of them, they still disturb me and arr generally just anoying.

And yea it could be saying stupid /bad things to guru ji, i know what ur sayin, u feel guilty immediately after and feel the need to punish yourself.. Just keep doing ardas, Guru sahib has all the power to eliminate this negativity in a split second and i supose we have to live in the hope that one day He will.

I am interested in peoples views on this, is it just a case of doing loads of naam simran which will get rid of it or do we ignore it completely or like veer/bheji said is there a specific mantra to overcome this.

Please some Guru piara shed some light

Thanks in advance

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Naam Simran is the key to everything...the entire Guru Granth Sahib Ji is about Naam simran...Waheguru ji bless you and all of us...

unknownkaur gravatar imageunknownkaur ( 2012-11-14 09:13:34 -0600 )edit

answered 2012-11-14 10:39:09 -0600

Lo K. B. gravatar image

Thank you for your words! (This is the one who posted this entire thing)...I really feel like ignoring those thoughts in addition to Naam Simran is important because I believe that's what Waheguru ji is telling us internally, sort of "That isn't you, just let it pass, don't put your attention there, there are more beautiful things I will show you." I'm grateful to hear that I'm not alone in this and pray that you all have as much peace as I have been having, even more, and that it carries you for eternity. As for the discomfort, I think I'll try to avert my attention away from it...screaming back apparently gives it all the more reason to grow in its rampage.

Oh, and what exactly would qualify as a complete 'insult' to Guru ji? Is that even possible to do accidentally in your head? I know that He forgives instantly if you ask for forgiveness with love in your heart, but I can't even fathom anything being an intentional insult.

Thank you once again!

-Lovepreet Kaur

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