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asked 2017-12-27 22:13:41 -0600

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I'm in a relationship with a Sikh guy for about 3 months. He cares and love me a lot but the problem is that his feelings are crushing him from inside for doing sex. As we are only 18 and i m not ready to do before marriage so We tried to separate from each other but it is next to impossible. He has almost done everything like meditation, passing time with friends, controlling his feelings but all got in vain. Plzz tell me how can he will stress free from these feelings.

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answered 2017-12-31 03:43:55 -0600

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There are quite a few posts on similar topics if you do a search, like Guruka Singh Ji’s video on transforming sexual energy. But I think that ultimately you need to understand that he is the one who needs to deal with this if it’s him that is struggling with his feelings, and you can’t solve that for him. Don’t let him convince you that since it’s too hard for him to wait and you should do something you’re not ready for. You are in charge of your own choices and you get to decide what happens with your own body. Maybe try only spending time around him when there are family members or groups of friends so that you’re not alone together. He should respect you enough that he respects your decision to wait, no question.

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