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Rahao - ...and the meaning and purpose of it in Gurbanis

asked 2017-06-11 13:56:13 -0500

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Sat Nam

I read it daily, still have no idea or clue what it is about:

What is the "Rahao" for which is just quickly read without a break. And what is this for anyway?

I appreciate coming answers so that I am more conscious about it, myself.

best wishes


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answered 2017-06-12 10:23:57 -0500

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Yves - "Rahao" is an instruction to the reader. It is not to be read out loud. It means to pause (silence) and let the next lines sink in to your understanding. It usually precedes the main thought of the shabad.

I know some people read it out loud, that is because a habit was created and passed from person to person based on the principle of "never alter Gurbani," but "rahao was inserted by the Guru to allow pause and reflection on his words.

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