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2019-08-19 10:27:52 -0600 answered a question Guys pls pray that I die soon!!

Please pray an ardas to God with all your heart and mind and then take a hukamnana on this site. Truly if u faith, Guru ji will give u a message. I have seen it for myself.

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Sometimes i feel to tired to do all morning prayers for nitnem, is okay if i do Simran and only japji sahib, rehras sahib (evening) and kirtan sohila (before bed)? Then slowly build my way up to doing all of the morning prayers. What if sometimes i don't feel motivated, do i just force myself.

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Yes u are right, but sometimes this life feels so real, it is very difficult to covert my foolish intellect to this spiritual insight from Guru Ji. I wish there was a way to embed this into my heart, so that my mind actually understands this.

2019-07-24 08:14:18 -0600 asked a question How to be firm in sikhi

Often at times i go off the path the sikhi when I become discouraged, when I see that my nature has not changed or I'm not feeling love for God. Sometimes it feels that I'm uttering god's praises at a cremation ground , because at some points I don't have that love for God. My question is do we continue with paath even if u don't feel a connection? Or will u over time develop a connection with God again? I have these up and down periods in sikhi when I am imbued with God and feeling Anand bliss and feel yearning for God and other times when I feel disconnected from God and then abruptly stop paath and simran. How do I become so firm in sikhi so that I stay doing my nitnem daily without worrying about the things going on in life? I feel that people who do their nitnem daily are such happy people and have such perfect destiny. How do I develop a steadfast faith and how do I not waver when disaster hits?

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our mind is not always thinking about worldly duties all the time, so when we have this free time. E.g. walking to school/work, having a shower etc, we should think about God in the mind. God resides in the body and in the mind, that's how we can experience his bliss.

2019-05-31 04:37:00 -0600 answered a question How can I control my negative thoughts ?

Don't worry sometimes this happens to me too, it's just the elephant mind running in the 10 directions as the guru says. I think most people have this problem, but the way to deal with this problem is to constantly remember God (chant waheguru or chant waheguru in the mind), listen to kirtan (i recommend with english translation, so you can understand it fully) and contemplate on the awesomeness of God that Gurbani talks about. The Guru says that the constant remembrance of God in the mind, in the midst of a person's worldly life is the goal of a human being.

I myself have started to do this, i feel so much more connected to God, i feel i act more compassionately too. Guru Ji also says that when we forget God, we lose our virtues (Man Ek na chetas mur mana. Har bisrat tere gun galia).

There's a nice video on this by nanak naam on youtube:

2019-05-26 12:52:06 -0600 answered a question i want to die

Gurbani is the medicine prescribed by Guru Ji. Nitnem and Simran at Amrit Vela are part of this medicine. Start small, 5 mins of Simran a day and ask the Guru to help you, who always hears your prayers. Once we start this path of devotion, then God will help us, but if we are not on this path of steadfast devotion to God, how can we expect God to help us?

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2019-04-09 05:15:43 -0600 answered a question can god help me...? Does he even exist :(

I myself have quite bad anxiety, Guru Ji is giving me his grace to help me. But slowly, i'm getting better.This is what I would do.

Firstly, do an ardas to Guru Ji, and remeber that Guru JI see's all every moment of your life he is around u, watching u. He knows your suffering and pains, your anxiety and everything. You need to have full faith that he is listening to you, when you do your ardas.

Secondly, take a cyber hukamnama from sikhnet: I myself have seen Guru ji speak to me in hukamnamas, but again you have to be fully certain that Guru Ji is guiding you before taking the hukam.

Thirdly, Naam Simran mediation is very key in destroying your anxiety, and it is the only way. Guru Ji says that Naam is the medicine for all diseases, this includes mental diseases. It purifies the mind fully, every time and you will afresh. I would recommend chanting the naam with a youtube video in the background and follow the chant that it is doing, like this one: Make a promise to yourself and Guru Ji to do as much as you can Simran wise, whether that's like 5 mins or 30 mins, it doesn't matter. Guru Ji will see your effort and will help u.

Listen to Kirtan when you can and try to learn new shabads, like Rakhiya De Shabad (i'm trying to learn to it right now), read into the Story behind the Shabads. Also, when you do paath, what helped for me is learning the meanings of your nitnem of Jap Ji Sahib and other banis.Basics of Sikhi helped me in this: If you do these things with full faith: at least learning the meanings and doing nitnem and japping Naam, i have no doubt that God won't help you, as he is helping me at the moment.

And also what helped me know God fully exists is once you start Japping Naam with full attention on it, you feel the Bliss of God. Guru Ji explains that experience to be giving sweets to a mute person, you can't describe the experience you have to experience it yourself. Sikhi is great because it's not just blind faith that God exists, you can actually experience God too. It will take time but with God's grace you will start to feel the love for God, and trust me this full dissolve all your entanglements. Remember that the human life is so precious and the mission of it is to meet God again (rehras Sahib).

"Walking one step towards the Guru's feet, the True Guru walks millions of steps to welcome you. By repeating the mantra given by the True Guru only once, Guru blesses you with love and devotion and with repetition of ... (more)

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Thank you Ji for your advice,i will try to say waheguru in my mind, but it so hard to concentrate on waheguru during the day. I feel that during my nitnem and simran i feel the anand, but i find it hard concentrate on God after.

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2019-03-27 09:49:34 -0600 asked a question How do u fully give up the opinions of others

Recently i have been in a bit of doubt over what people say about me, which i feel has led me away from Waheguru (Karmi apo apane, ke nerai ke dur), i don't blame anyone for they say about me even though its hurts me from inside, because i need to fully accept that it is not these people who speak on their own, it is actually Waheguru who does everything. I know being offended by what other people say about me isn't good in the eyes of gurbani, and i want to prevent myself from being offended and thinking too much about what their opinion of me is. I prayed to Waheguru many times, please prevent me from being hurt by the slander of others. Every morning i take a hukamnama before school, when the hukamnama is about the slander of others (for example yesterday it was this on the same day something like this happens. Waheguru warns me everytime before something like this happens but i can't act in the way he wants me to.

My question is: How do stop being attached to the opinions of others?

P.S I'm truly grateful that by waheguru's grace, that SIkhnet gives a platform to ask our spritual questions and problems in life. In reality it should be the gurdwaras job to do this seva, but there's few opportunities to ask especially when you're not fluent in Punjabi like me.

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It sounds like you need a boost in your faith, what worked for me was looking at the Bhagats, like Kabir Ji, Baba Farid Ji and more, and also looking at the life of Bhai Rama Singh Ji. (Looking at their lives and what they achieved).

2019-01-27 12:42:49 -0600 answered a question I lose my Sikhi Sprite ?

Remember the experience of Naam Brother, that's something no Scientist or Radio Station can explain.

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Guru Ji says that whoever God has mercy upon, obtains the gift of his praises- and becomes King of King. So when a person seems "addicted," to gurbani, it's actually that the person has fallen in love with it. And what the effect of that? Constant Anand, peace and joy. But if u look when someone is addicted to drugs, what's the effect of that? They are consumed in Maya and the 5 evils: kaam (lust), krodh (anger), moh (attachment), lobh (greed), and ahankar (pride). Which indefinitely feels like hell- as you are apart from God u don't feel his presence. But when your eyes looks upon Gurbani as sweet, and your soul craves day in and out for lotus feet of the Guru, i tell u that is Heaven.

May God bless us all with his Mercy to find this "addiction" to Gurbani, and this is the only way we will cross the terrifying and terrible ocean.

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2018-12-07 11:00:24 -0600 asked a question Is 30 mins of Simran enough to grow spiritually- daily in the mornings without Nitnem?

So recently i have not been doing as well academically as i should be doing (my A levels), and now my mum has stopped me from doing my Nitnem as a result. I keep telling her that the Guru is my life, and i'd rather die than be without him. But she keeps saying that she will send me to my Dad's house, if i don't stop doing Nitnem(they're divorced). The reason is that she wants me to use the mornings to study. I've told her already that i will do the studying afterschool and forget watching TV from now on as a sacrifice, but she still won't accept that.

Right now, i don't know what to do. What solution can i say to her to convince her to let me do my paath? I will also do ardas later to seek advice from Guru ji. Is 30 mins of Simran enough to grow spiritually- daily in the mornings without Nitnem. I can say this honestly that it will kill me if i can't, i'm saying this because i've already felt the anand(bliss) of Nitnem and Simran and i want to kill the 5 vices of Kam, krodh, lobh, moh, and hankar to be the person that Waheguru want us to be.