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I am in a professional medical program in University for which I worked really hard to get acceptance. During a time of stress/anxiety I made a big mistake. I cheated during an exam and was suspended for a couple months from school. Since this was a professional program the classes were small and when I was caught the entire class witnessed the event. I have gone through phases of depression, regret and shame.I have tried to accept and move forward, but I find that when I sit by myself my mind goes back to that day and I cannot move forward. My parents have been supportive but I feel shame and guilt. As my suspension will be complete soon I will be returning to school, I'm afraid to go back because all the students will be there... I am afraid of what other people think of me...I have lost the trust of my classmates and professors I do not know how to move forward. I would appreciate any advice...any specific meditation or shabads from Gurbani that may help me move forward.