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2018-05-24 15:35:27 -0500 asked a question I am Amritdhari and unhappy in marriage

I read few posts here before asking mine. Tjere we're few which said 'my husband is Maritdhari and divorced me, Amritdhari Husband took off'. They made me feel like a wrong person. I don't know their stories, I know Only mine and I am not happy with my decision. Since I am Amritdhari does that mean I cannot think of changing something which I regret( 2 families will get hurt)

It is not normal to unlike ur wife when u have been married for just 6 months. But what to do when someone goes through that........I am going through it. I have never been so angry on anyone, I still think it's better to not hurt her feelings but to hurt myself. But that's so cowardly. Hurting hers is also not a good act... That's so immoral.

I was a stupid person who talked to a girl for 10 minutes and said yes for marriage. Later on I found that she was once Amritdhari but couldn't follow rehet and went to parlor and got eye brows done. When I saw her for meeting and same our ardaas also happened she seemed like she had stopped doing that so I ignored the fact that she has failled once to follow rehet thinking she won't do it again. But she continued after 2 days of ardaas. That's when I started doing kirtan sohila paath with her on most nights on phone to make her heart tilt towards rehet. Once I asked her to not go to parlor and she promised and as a result I went to meet her as we both r from different town. But few days before on video call I saw her eye brows and confronted her about her action and she agreed that yes she has got them trimmed. And said she totally forgot about her promise. That day I made she knows how angry I am for the her hidding this habbit of hers from me before ardaas. I was afraid of not breaking of marriage as I promised my self that I will follow whatever comes after ardaas in my marriage and I wanted to keep that promise to myself. But she didn't change (I thought she did) she got khande bate di pahul before marriage as I kept it a condition for marriage. On that also her mother bargained on rehets that her daughter will follow. I came to know about it later. I was happy thinking everything is going well. I came to my city and my wife went to her mother's place for few weeks. During her stay she never mentioned that she has cut her hair from bottom. Neither her parents said anything(they later said they didn't notice- which I beilive is total crap). Day she returned my parents noticed and kept it from me in order to save me from the pain as I was in a ... (more)