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2018-02-02 21:04:32 -0500 answered a question what to do when you accidentally break your sukhnas

It is okay. You did not know. Do not worry about this matter.

2018-02-02 18:58:47 -0500 answered a question How to escape "friends"?

You don't have to escape them, only if they are pressuring you in doing those things too and you are feeling uncomfortable. They are still your friends. You just have to be strong in your values, morals, and belief system. If they are your real friends and love you for the person you are than there is no need to escape. You accept them for who they are. They accept you for who you are. You just have a difference of opinion and that is perfectly fine. Maybe when you have discussions, you see their point of view and they see your point of view on topics. Maybe being around different types of people make you a well rounded individual. Appreciate those people for who they are. They may learn something from you. You may learn something from them. Relationships are a two-way process. In the end, you must compromise to form better relationships if those people mean something to you.

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2018-01-31 17:17:44 -0500 answered a question Unkind brother in law

Yes. He needs to put you first and strengthen your relationship. Confrontation needs to be done, but with a rational and calm mind. Try writing thoughts out on paper. This will help to clear your mind of irrational thinking towards him. Be mindful of what you are saying and how it is being communicated - through your non verbal language. Try directing your positive energy towards the children of your brother in law. Arrange a play date or a fun activity at home with all the children. Even when there is a family get together, direct your energy towards the children. Because you are positive and caring towards their children, maybe your brother in law will appreciate this attribute about you. You have to keep in mind that families in general are not perfect and differences will always occur. Unfortunately that is the reality. Always do what your able to do within your capabilities. If that means, putting your love and thoughtfulness towards the people who truly appreciate your efforts, then do that. You are a member and apart of that family so you must understand that you have a role within that family system. Put forth your positive energy anywhere it may be useful - even if you may think its not making a huge difference. Over time, it will make a difference. Sometimes in our families the people who we love don't always love us in return, and that is okay. You begin to accept, but don't let that lower your self-esteem. Like I mentioned before, direct energy where it counts and where it matters.

2018-01-31 15:40:07 -0500 answered a question how do i let people go if they hurt me?

It is difficult to understand the reasons another person has hurt you. From what you have mentioned, it seems as if you have tried numerous of times to reconcile your differences with this person, but there has been no solution. You need to part your ways at this point. It hurts you to accept this, but for your own personal wellbeing it is the best thing to do. I would put some of your energy into paath to strengthen your mind and to find personal meaning of your experiences. I wouldn't try investing anymore energy into that person because it is obviously depleting your energy levels and making you feel ill. Try doing things that will make you feel happy and make you whole again. Do whatever you enjoy. Try volunteering - this can be an rewarding experience by giving back to others. You will feel better and it will occupy your mind. Join a gym. Find a new hobby. The most important thing - be creative with your energy. Never allow anyone to take away from your soul power and energy. Know who you are and speak with compassion.

If you feel after a certain amount of time has passed, you would like to approach that person with a calm mind then go for it. It can be done, however protect yourself first. If at any time you feel this person is trying to threaten you then with a rational mind part your ways. It is obviously not working and nothing can be done.

2018-01-24 15:41:20 -0500 answered a question guilt depression

You are being entirely too hard on yourself. It's good you started listening to paath. That's what its there for, to listen through good and bad times. Everything is done through His will. What I would suggest is provide good merit to others. Be a Good Samaritan and don't expect anything in return. Help others as much as you are able and when someone is wanting to provide help, receive the help. Naturally people are great and are always there. If you believe in Waheguru than you will believe in the goodness of others intentions. When you start to see that and experience the goodness, you will also start to change yourself. Surround yourself with goodness as well, that is why paath is a good area to focus your attention. Others around you will also embrace this.

2018-01-24 15:14:30 -0500 answered a question I failed a course, I am so stressed, Waheguru ji help me please...

I'm sorry that you failed your course and will have to repeat it. My suggestion, yes is continue listening to paath, whichever one you like the most. The reason why I suggest that is listening to paath is a great way to improve attention. Close your eyes and focus on the words, at the same time you are learning. Rid yourself of all other thoughts. Practice this once daily. No one is perfect, so do your best to listen at least once. This will ease your mind before doing anything - preparing for an exam, studying, writing a paper, etc.

Another suggestion is find out when your professor has office hours or if there is a teaching assistant for that course, find out when those hours are. You can receive extra help for that course from your teacher assistant or profession during those times. Hopefully you do not have another course during those times. Maybe you only need to spend an hour/week.

Take a considerable look at your study habits. Are you attending class? Are you keeping up with readings in conjunction with lectures? How are you studying? Maybe you are spending too much time memorizing information rather than understanding concepts and coming up with examples. Try doing discussion questions located at the back of each chapter. The discussion questions are actually the key material/concepts that will be tested on your exam. If you know that your exam is going to be multiple choice than find practice questions available in your textbook. You can even find practice questions online if you type in specific key words.

Once you figure out and establish a good study routine, you will do just fine. If you need the extra help, I suggest you seek it. Office hours and teacher assistant hours are always listed on your syllabus.

2018-01-22 09:15:37 -0500 answered a question God? If according to Guru Granth Sahib Ji the world was started by the one god ik onkar, then how did gods light come. Please help me understand this how could his light just come out of no where.

Nirgun means attributes/good qualities. We all have good qualities and we show our good qualities all the time without even realizing. It is called being virtuous. His light comes inside of you by studying the Guru Granth Sahib scriptures, understanding what it is you are reading. It will help by evaluating yourself, as well as your interactions/communications with others. Sirgun means with good merit. Treat everyone good and with respect, regardless of what your external surroundings are.

2018-01-17 20:49:30 -0500 answered a question How to develop self contol

Yes. It involves understanding that something inside of you is bothering you. This means that who you are - your morals and belief system is overpowering your actions (the wrong behavior). This also means your morals and belief system is more powerful than anything else. You should always turn to your morals/beliefs/inner consciousness when you feel torn. You feel upset, nervous, and scared that you have done something wrong. You are not a bad person. You are good. You are feeling remorse and asking/seeking forgiveness from Waheguru Ji. You are asking for help. You are searching for self-development and personal care. All good things to live by. You do need to search deeper at your own inner self, deeper into consciousness and figure out why you are treating yourself this way - if it is coming from an internal place or external place. If it is external - rid yourself from those distractions and focus on yourself to heighten your own internal existence with Guruji. Is it you? Are you treating yourself this way? Are others treating you badly/hurting you? Search inwardly to figure out where this is coming from? If you don't search inwardly, you won't be able to figure where the issue is surfacing from. Is this why you are repeating actions you don't want to? Treat yourself with compassion above all else. You will need this compassion for yourself to heal. Guruji will give you all of His virtues - humility, obedience, equality, service, self-sacrifice, justice, mercy, tranquillity, and royal courage.

2018-01-17 20:01:35 -0500 commented answer Please help me

I'm happy to hear that. Thank you!!

2018-01-12 22:54:39 -0500 answered a question Does Waheguru Love us? How can we know?

We are all children of Waheguru Ji. Waheguru is love and love is Waheguru. If you are ever in search for Waheguru, then the best place to find Waheguru is in Gurbani, your shabads, your paath. This is all literature, scriptures, and poetry to help an individual see the path of light, not darkness. He exists in those sources, and from that we read and learn. Then we transform ourselves and we expand this positive energy to others. This is LOVE. This is Waheguru Ji. Yes, Waheguru loves you. He loves all of us. Remember His name. In fact, that's what Waheguru Ji wants you to do - to express your love through His teachings.

2018-01-12 22:08:15 -0500 answered a question what do you mean by one with god

One with God means:

  1. You believe in One God - Ik Onkar.
  2. You believe in Akal Purakh, which means God is timeless and exists all around us. God is always with you if you sincerely and genuinely believe in His teachings.
  3. You LOVE Waheguru Ji. Love is God and God is love. With that basic understanding, God never leaves you during your challenges.
  4. When you learn more about Waheguru and pray on his Name then yes, you learn more about yourself. it is a process of self-realization and wanting to improve yourself. Develop into a more authentic version of yourself.
  5. When God is around you and within you, you become more handsome/beautiful.
  6. Then you are able to rise, yes elevate yourself into a more humble being.

It is a feeling of complete and utter serenity. Close your eyes to one of your favorite shabads. Take yourself to Him, to his voice. Let that voice take you with His words. That's what it feels to reach Waheguru Ji - in a state of pure bliss while meditating with Him in your heart. It is a state of inner connectedness.

2018-01-12 21:27:03 -0500 commented question The way life is.

You must always remember Waheguru, our Guruji because our life (dealing with everyday struggles and challenges) is a lifelong practice and you need this as part of your life. Love for God is eternal. In fact, through good and bad He will be there through everything. He will strengthen you as you int

2018-01-12 20:17:01 -0500 answered a question The way life is.

You must always remember Waheguru, our Guruji because our life (dealing with everyday struggles and challenges) is a lifelong practice and you need this as part of your life. Love for God is eternal. In fact, through good and bad He will be there through everything. He will strengthen you as you integrate gurbani, shabad's, and paat in your practice. Take the time, even if its for 1 hour everyday to understand the scriptures and literature written on His name. Everything is written in English too. You will gain brighter knowledge and whatever seems dark, will lighten through self-realization. Inner positivity will blossom and so will inner awareness of being happier with yourself and others. Everything will be clearer. You must TRUST in the scriptures written by our 10 gurus. This is very sacred, written by Guru's who have felt your suffering, your pain, and your sorrow. It is true poetry, that will forever touch your heart in a way that will bring tears to your eyes because you are feeling.

Yes, you did sin. One of the Five sins in our religion is Kam meaning lust. You must ask for forgiveness from Waheguru. Please speak to Him and ask for sincere forgiveness from your heart, mind, and soul if you are deeply sorry for your actions.

Try to build close connections with your parents. By listening to Gurbani, you are actually expressing your love for God and your gratitude to those who are close to you. It is a good act, a sincere and humble act. God Bless You.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

2018-01-12 16:55:45 -0500 answered a question Advice and feeling depressed all the time

I can understand the high level of stress your are experiencing in many areas: familial stress/relationship, parental arguments/conflict, school stress, financial stress, time/energy level depletion, and anxiety/worried about the future. I am going to try my best to address most of our issues.

Familial stress/relationship: You mentioned you feel guilty because you are not able to emotionally provide any support to your mother while she is having to deal with certain arguments from your father. Your conflict here has to do with distance - being far away from your family. One suggestion is speaking to your mother and father regularly over the phone. Keeping them updated about your whereabouts, friends, what's happening in school - whether you have a midterm/exam to study for. It would be beneficial to you and it shows that you are keeping them involved in your life even while being far away. Another suggestion, is maybe setting some time before you go to sleep doing paat or listening to Gurbani over the phone. This will build your relationship closer to Waheguru and closer to your parents. It will show that you care deeply and sincerely about their wellbeing. It will help you and your parents sleep better at night knowing that you are continuously trying to build the relationship. "Waheguru da naam jappo" - this means pray to his name. Your mom is probably worried sick about you. You probably don't know, but she probably prays for you to do well in your studies. If you prayed together, how meaningful would that be. Then when you have completed it will be 1000x more special.

Parental arguments/conflict: Well if you and your mom are praying together, then that means your dad will take notice and appreciate all that you are doing. Combined with attending class and studying, you are still giving time to worship Waheguru. I don't know if you are a guy or a girl, but even guys need to pray too.

School stress: Have good friends that you can study with. If you are going out/socializing too much. I suggest you stop and pay attention to your studies. Then you wouldn't be so worried so much. You are away for school. So please, do your dharma - duty/responsibilities and complete your degree. If you are doing well in school, midterm/exams...then your parents will be somewhat stress-free. So think about the repercussions first. If you have to study, and friends are pressuring you to go out, choose to study. Set your priorities first. Time management is key - you can plan ahead and go out some other time. That is perfectly okay. Listen to shabad's, gurbani, paat while studying. It will improve attention/concentration levels.

Time/energy level depletion: You mentioned you want to give more of your time to school/studying and your parents. Talk to your parents everyday. Tell them about what you are doing. Be positive in your conversations with them. Talk ... (more)

2018-01-11 21:31:49 -0500 answered a question Angry Husband - 2

Reading the above responses, I agree fully. I think sewa will most certainly help you in combination with prayer and meditation. Start going to the temple regularly. Tell your family that you are having some difficulty in your life and need support. You are looking to enhance the well being of your life as well as your children's life so they will be treated fairly. Please don't react in these types of situations. Respond appropriately by communicating your needs in the given situation.

If the situation is too tense, then say that. "I need some time, we are saying mean things to each other" "I don't like this" Gather your thoughts and then approach the person at a later time when things are calm and there is order. Figure out what you want to say. Listen to Gurbani. Mool mantra is good paat to listen to calm anxiety. Meditate on His name. Approach the person with grace. Bring out your good side and then begin to speak. Come from a place of compassion and understanding. Guruji will bring that goodness out of you. Trust in His name.

Spend quality time with children. After dinner, conduct prayer time or bible study with your children. Help them realize the importance of understanding the beautifulness and poetry of listening to paat and gurbani. Explain in English the meaning.

Get involved and be creative with your children, whether it be taking fun pictures with your kids - doing crafts and taking pictures of their creations - you can even frame them. When a holiday comes around - like Valentines Day you can do fun things with them. You want to bring out the best in them and make your children happy. Your children will appreciate these moments spent with you.

Another important aspect to this is by you spending quality time with your children, your mother in law will acknowledge that and see how great of a mother you are. Your maternal instincts will shine through. She will respect you, but you also give her respect in return. The relationship is mutual. There is no right or wrong person. It is all based on experience, but good morals and beliefs are above everything else. Please do some research about what the Guru Granth Sahib says about "motherly duties" toward her children. Something else to keep in mind, is you are your mother in laws child too.

I want to add by saying, read the articles on here. Do your own research. Search this website and spend some serious time by yourself to understand how the links about certain topics can help you.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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2018-01-10 21:35:19 -0500 answered a question Seeing God within

When you begin to accept Guruji as your partner through life than you will begin to accept yourself. Give time and energy to Waheguru always. Pray on His name. When you begin to pray on his name, than acceptance will come at its own time - at its own pace. You cannot force these things to happen. It will happen on its own. You need to TRUST that Guruji's name is the true path you want to go on. Trust this path and you will begin to realize and start to believe in yourself - which means the self-compassion you are longing for is inside of you. You just need to start believing in yourself again.

2018-01-10 20:57:01 -0500 answered a question Please help me

One principle that is needed to understand: Your relationship with Babaji is yours only. Therefore, this is your special time with Babaji and should be taken seriously. You can recite prayers at your own pace and gradually increase as you like. Pray privately in your room because it is your personal time with him.

You can give your grandmother company by sitting with her during her evening prayers if you like.

Listen to Mantra Gurbani or shabads at a low volume will help you focus your attention while reading. Listen before an exam, midterm, or while typing assignments.

I want to add that yes, maybe your parents/grandmother will take notice of this change and wonder "why the sudden change," the correct and actually the most truthful answer is you are trying to improve yourself for self-development and yes, that is perfectly okay. They will be happy to see such great changes in you. Trust me.