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Actually i just regret my action. I know made a big mistake. I don't want any help to come out of depression. I just want to come back to sikhi more stronger. l'm more connected to bani from past 3 days. doing nitnem everyday. I don't know guru will accept me now or not.

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2017-04-03 23:46:08 -0600 asked a question Regret Cutting my hairs.

hello, I'm 21 years old guy . I just moved to the new city where all white people live. past few months was real hard for me. I have faced some racist people. I dont know what came up in my mind i just trimmed my hairs two days ago. I really regret that. I can't even sleep, my whole day i just think why i did this. I'm still Tying my turban but feels very ashamed when i look myself in th mirror. All the time i just think guru ji will punish me for this . I don't know why i did this it just happened. i really don't have any valid excuse to cut my hair but i still did this.Anybody please help me to get over this. I really mentally depressed right now.