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2018-03-22 09:35:06 -0500 asked a question feeling abused

i feel like i have been abused in life by the guys that i meet. i have been on a few dates and find that people donot see me for who i am and pass their assumptions, my parents are always fighting and provide me with no guidance at all. as a result i have a lot of trust issues and cannot trust the right person even if he comes along. i was in a serious relatonship and had a breakup. after that i have not been able to cope up with my life. many good people have come up but i am just not able to trust them, as a result iam suffering in life in general. please help me it, it is and just getting caught up in a karma cycle of accepting and rejecting cycle. i cant just trust anybody at all. pleas provide guidance. seeing my parents fight all the time, i dont wish to be with anybody at all. i feel like i could live alone for he rest of my life. but i know that i need to get out of this vortex and have a happy married life with kids. but i just cant move on.

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2017-02-23 05:54:08 -0500 asked a question making the right choice

can i miss a chance of being with my life partner if i am not alert enough? i was offered a chance but delayed it , now the guy is married to someone else, so i am regretting it . i have always believed destiny to be prewritten so was i or was i not supposed to be with that person? or did i miss a chance that waheguru offered me?